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The dream team behind Bistrot 916 are opening an Italian trattoria in Surry Hills this summer

Dan Pepperell has the Midas touch. All that finds its way in front of those two hands somehow becomes brighter, glossier, loaded with umami, and ultimately more delicious. So if you've loved what the chef has done over at Bistrot 916 with French bistro fare, then you should see what he makes of Italian at the new joint he's opening up in Surry Hills with savant sommelier Andy Tyson and Rockpool veteran Michael Clift — the dream team.

Pellegrino 2000 is coming to Foster Street very soon. Quite possibly at the end of this month. Located on the same strip that hosts Nomad, Tio's Cerveceria, and China Heights Gallery, the restaurant is in good company at the old Bar H site.

So what can diners expect from Pellegrino 2000? Michael Clift points to the old school trattorias of Florence and Rome. Think timber, and lots of it, a double sided espresso bar and all the makings of a spot that you can cosy up in.


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As for the food? Well it's an image you've seen before at Alberto's Lounge, just a few blocks over on Alberta Street. Pepperell will revive the Italian staples most loved by the trio; like handmade tortellini, pappardelle bolognese, fritto misto and tripe in all shapes and sizes. And if the latter makes you squeamish, you simply haven't tried it at its best, that is, prepared by Dan.

To wash it all down, Andy Tyson is lining up all the old Italian classics. Old Barolo, old Chianti, and "a few prized bottles of the greats like Soldera and Valentini," are set to take centre stage on the wine list. While amari, the caffe shakerato, negronis and bellini's  à la Harry's Bar in Venice vie for the spotlight.

Molto bene!

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