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Take a look at the Divine Rose collection from Pat McGrath Labs

Pat McGrath Labs Divine Rose palette II

The latest creation from Pat McGrath Labs been revealed. And it's not exactly what we expected. It's better. Introducing Divine Rose part II, the Mothership palette VII.

But it's not just a new palette, it's a whole collection.

In addition to the Divine Rose II palette, Pat McGrath Labs is introducing two lipsticks in colours  Christy and Soft Core, two lip liners in colours Suburbia and Buff, two glosses in Divine Rose and Peach Perversion and even two eyeshadow duos - one from the original Divine Rose palette and one from the Divine Rose II palette.

Like we said, it's a whole Divine Rose collection.


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The Pat McGrath Labs has described the new Divine Rose iteration: "Prepare to bloom without caution in a grandiflora bouquet starring ten of Mother's most romantic and resplendent shades and futuristic finishes."

The original Divine Rose palette was an instant cult product, selling out with speed. So it shouldn't come as a shock that Pat McGrath Labs has chosen to do a follow up palette and extend the line.

These new launches will feature limited edition versions  - which come with a pink case instead of standard black - of both the original Divine Rose palette and the Divine Rose II.

Pat McGrath Divine Rose collection

You can sign up to Pat McGrath Labs to be notified when the Divine Rose collection will be released for sale in June.

If you've got keen eyes, you will have seen the teaser that Pat McGrath has dropped on her Instagram earlier in the week.

It's a short video, just a few seconds. But it revealed a sneak peek of this very intriguing, and certainly exciting release.

Some debated whether the new release would be a face palette, an offering that Pat McGrath Labs doesn't currently have within its colour cosmetics line. Not this time, but we're sure that will be coming in the future. Take a look at the original teaser below.


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