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Artist Paola Paronetto celebrates her latest ‘La Grande Dame 2015’ collaboration with Veuve Clicquot

Discovering those moments in our lives that lead to inspiration is the spontaneous beauty that emerges from life's unpredictability, creating moments worth pursuing. Italian Ceramicist Paola Paronetto experiments with the impulsive result of an endearing feeling from nature, collected from our everyday world. Just as nature's innate allure captivates Paronetto, she encourages one to embrace their authentic essence to genuinely relish life's journey. A hobby turned career, ceramic making blossomed from Paronetto's indescribable happiness of placing an abundance of energy and inspiration into clay to create art. Parronetto's refined pieces each inhabit a unique tactile surface that finishes in the form of vases, bowls and light fixtures.

It's this same celebration of optimism and a spirit of innovation, that has underpinned the collaboration between Paronetto and Veuve Clicquot; celebrating the champagne House's 250th anniversary through the crafting of six gift boxes, designed to complement the re-imagined 'La Grande Dame'. Beyond the Cuvée's oenological precision, messages of optimism through resilience and unwavering passion can be discovered and displayed through Paronetto's new collection. Six gift boxes in hues from Paronetto's personal palette of more than 86 shades, crafted through a combination of clay and cellulose fibres. The creation speaks truthfully to the spirit of La Grande Dame 2015 while rooting the celebration in the present.

Below Paola Paronetto talks to RUSSH about her inspiration and creative journey in creating her gift boxes, her origins as an artist and her sources of inspiration.


What is one word that describes you?

"It’s difficult to describe anyone in one word since but if I had to choose I would say “determined”"

Growing up, did you always know you wanted to be an artist?

"I started working with clay because I liked it. It was a hobby that brought me happiness which became, quite organically, my career path. It was a very spontaneous and natural progression."

Share your life mantra.

"To be faithful to yourself and who you are."

What brings you harmony in your daily life?

"The personal relationships that grace my life and the natural world around me."

Is there a period in history, or in your life, that you draw inspiration from?

"Inspiration comes from every moment in our lives and it’s difficult to be completely conscious or aware of the specific moments that have affected your life at a specific time. I have always lived in close contact with nature and that is my principal source of inspiration but there are also the people that I have met and known, the teachers I had, the journeys I made and the experiences I had. They have all contributed to making me who I am and have, as a consequence, affected my art."

How do you know when a piece of work is finished?

"It’s something I feel. I perceive that it is finished because I feel and see that it is."

Do you see art as an important part of the décor of an interior?

"Yes absolutely, it adds value to any ambient."

What is it about nature that inspires your artwork?

"From the colours to the shapes and textures, everywhere you look in nature there is harmony and beauty. The closer you look the more detail you see and the more astonishing and inspiring it is. It is an endless source of energy and inspiration."

What does your practice of ceramics mean to you?

"For me it represents the possibility to express myself which brings me much happiness and satisfaction."

Describe Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2015 in three words.

"Solarity – Levity - Verticality"


What was your creative process like when designing your collaboration with Veuve Clicquot to celebrate La Grande Dame 2015?

"At first, I really wanted to know more about Madame Clicquot and really enter into her world and mentality. To be able to capture her spirit and reflect that in my work was essential. From there, in everything I created, I wanted to express her determination, optimism, joy for life and innovation."

What was the most memorable part of creating your collaboration with Veuve Clicquot?

"There were so many but the beginnings of things are always the most beautiful so I think the visit to Hotel Du Marc and my initial immersion into the world of Madame Clicquot will remain one of my highlights."

How do you plan on celebrating your collaboration with Veuve Clicquot?

"Well, we have celebrated this collaboration at every stage of the process but I do feel that life is to be celebrated every day, so my way of celebrating this collaboration is to take the things I have learned, the beautiful common values that we discovered and let them influence my life as I move forward."


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