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Pandora taps into the expansive meaning of motherhood for Mother’s Day


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On Mother's Day, it's not one phone call I make, but something like five. When it comes to mothering, it's like the old truism states: it really does take a village. We all have those people – the ones whose maternal imprint has left an indelible mark, despite having no biological connection whatsoever. These bonds are forged over cups of tea, kind words, self-assuring hugs and out-of-the-blue phone conversations ("I was just thinking of you and I thought I'd call").

Each year in May, we're getting better at acknowledging the maternal relationships that exist outside of conventional understandings of motherhood. According to a recent study conducted by Pandora with more than 12,000 participants from countries including Australia, the UK, US, Mexico, China, France and more, 51% of people choose this occasion to celebrate someone who isn't their birth mother.

If anything this affirms that motherhood carries a multitude of meaning. How it's interpreted waxes and wanes from one person to the next. Per the study, Pandora learned that 52% of respondents, all of whom were from a pool of millennial and Gen Z participants, define a mother as "someone who is always there for you" over "someone who gives birth to a child".


These findings have informed Pandora's approach when dreaming up new jewellery pieces for its Pandora Moments and Timeless collections in time for Mother's Day. Both collections recognise the sentiment that underpins gifting jewellery. How the gesture of a Heart Clasp Bangle or earrings that carry an infinity motif do the heavy lifting when words fail. More importantly, these designs create space to celebrate maternal figures of all kinds, biological or not.

Take the simple revolution motif of the Pandora Logo Pavé Circle Collier Necklace, which appeals for its minimalist nod to eternity. The same can be said for the Infinity Knot Bangle, which stands out for its versatility as an everyday piece; its true meaning an intimacy between giver and wearer.

“Whether connected by family, biology, friendship, experience, or all of the above, the most important life lesson our mother figures teach us is ‘to do what makes us happy’," says Frédérique Gouzard, Senior Vice President GBU at Pandora. "The survey confirms that we should redefine how we celebrate Mother’s Day and embrace the diversity of motherhood. It can be anyone playing that significant role like a grandma, teacher or aunt. Anyone who shows that motherly love."

Explore the Pandora Moments and Timeless collections and celebrate your maternal figures with jewellery this Mother's Day.

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