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Owl Eyes sends postcards from backstage at Coachella

Coachella – whether you love it or think it has lost its magic – has been hot on everyone's lips these last few weeks. From a plethora of surprise guest appearances like Billie Eilish at Lana Del Ray, or A$AP Rocky at Tyler the Creator, to the inevitable fashions on the fields, the music and arts festival had us in its usual grip hold online.

Australian singer Brooke Addamo, also known as the musician Owl Eyes, was on the ground at Coachella Valley for their annual music and arts festival over the last two weeks, performing with Aussie electronic music duo Flight Facilities and otherwise enjoying the Californian desert – from Palm Springs to Joshua Tree.

In between busy sets at the festival, where Addamo donned sparkling Rabanne stage outfits, and recovering by the pool, coffee in hand, she sent RUSSH some postcards of all her trip highlights. While we're still reeling from a series of music festival cancellations over on our shores, we're living vicariously through Addamo's colourful lens...


Landing in the desert, anticipation high. Conversations filling the air on the tarmac, buzzing about which bands they’ll be catching. As we drive through Palm Springs - where every day is sunny - we pass Frank Sinatra drive and I fantasise about rat pack and all the trouble that would have been.



Show morning. Face mask. Coffee in bed. An empty festival post sound check getting to walk through the grounds. 
The calm before the storm.


Laying out some Rabanne options.


Artist catering, and obligatory post-Coachella In&Out.


Show time!


Recovery afternoons by the pool. Dreamy landscapes everywhere you look.



Chaos in between sets. Feeling very lucky to have witnessed Blurs last show (apparently).


A detour through Joshua Tree on our way home. Giving the Rabanne boots a desert work out.


Thank you Coachella. Until next time x

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