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Benny Drama is finally getting his A24 moment

overcompensating benny drama

The internet is a better place with Benny Drama around. The comedian, whose government name is Benito Skinner, was the sole good thing to come out of 2020, with his skits punching up at the Kardashians, Billie Eilish and, if you've spent some time in this corner of Instagram, millennial journalists and a certain TMI hairstylist named Jenni. The videos are detailed and well-produced, Skinner sparing no expense to get the props and costumes just right. So imagine what the comedian could do with Hollywood-level backing? We'll soon find out. A script Skinner wrote, inspired by his own life, has been picked up by Amazon and A24 and is being turned into a film entitled Overcompensating. Find all the details, below.

Who is involved in Overcompensating?

There's a lot of major parties involved. For one, A24 is producing the flick while as mentioned Amazon has bought the rights to the film. Also in the production seat is Jonah Hill's company Strong Baby, meanwhile it's said that Charli XCX will work on the music for the film.

As for who has been cast in the lead role? Do you even need to ask. Benito Skinner wrote the role for himself, and as such is onboard as the main protagonist. This isn't his first time acting outside of his own skits either, having appeared in Billy Eichner's easy-watching queer romcom Bros, which is currently showing in Australian cinemas. Skinner also stars in the Queer As Folk reboot, which was cancelled after one season.

What is the film about?

If you've been watching Skinner's videos for a while, you'll recognise that he doesn't just use other people as fodder for his sketches, but throws himself into the ring also. Overcompensating is loosely inspired by Skinner's own experience growing up in midwest America and coming to terms with his sexuality. As such, the film follows an Idaho football player named Benny, as he tries to convince himself otherwise about being gay and the overcompensating that occurs in the process. It's said to be equal parts funny, moving and deeply personal.


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Release date?

At this stage, no word yet on a release date. Although we're sure Skinner will let us know when Overcompensating is in the final stage of production.

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