Our Paris favourite: David Mallett

Going to David [Mallett] is like sitting down with your best friend and hashing out, in a really relaxed and genuine way, the best next move for your hair.

You can find David at his salon on rue Notre Dame des Victoires (except for Tuesday’s where you’ll find him at the Ritz). The rue Notre Dame des Victoires salon is fabulous and has to be the first choice if you are visiting Paris and in need of hair care. No attention to detail is spared - he offers you a tea and it arrives in porcelain with little French raspberry friands. Chic.

We chat about how to freshen up my hair and decide to take some length off and a choppy fringe. He slices into the ends to give texture and a cooler finish which is a nice touch. It's decided my grown-out colour needs a bit of TLC so we put a very natural warm chocolate tint over it - it looks a million times better and I'm so thankful that he suggested it.

As we chat I learn he literally takes care of the who's who of the fashion industry. Phoebe Philo entrusts him, Natasha Ramsay, Haider Ackermann ... Bianca Brandolini was only just texting him from a wedding in India. His clients adore him and there's good reason: he is an institution, has some great stories from his days as a hair stylist, and an incredible Margiela archive!

Exciting news – he has a New York City salon in the works and he has also just designed gold rings for the hair - in gold, white gold and rose gold - the perfect gift.