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If you love French cinema, you won’t want to miss Léa Seydoux in ‘One Fine Morning’

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Two indie forces have come together for the forthcoming French film, One Fine Morning. A project from Mia Hansen-Løve with Léa Seydoux in the lead role, the film paints a tender portrait of motherhood, middle age, and the waves of love one experiences throughout their life. Now, after much anticipation we've received our first glimpse of the film in a newly released trailer, which confirms One Fine Morning is every bit as gentle, introspective and honey-coloured as we expected. As for the other details? Find them below.

What is One Fine Morning about?

At the heart of the story is Sandra Kienzler, a single mother to an eight-year-old girl, played by Seydoux. The camera settles on Sandra at a time when she is searching for a nursing home for her father, who is rapidly deteriorating due to dementia. When Sandra comes across the path of her old friend Clement, the two strike up a passionate affair despite the glaring fact of his marriage to another.

The dialogue is simple yet striking, with Sandra uttering lines like "This was never a fling for me" and "I just feel my love life is behind me" to describe romance as a single mother. In response, Clement tells her "you can still love and be loved".

From what we can gather from the trailer, One Fine Morning is a case of Mia Hansen-Løve doing what she does best. That is, navigating the emotional and situational landscape of a person at a specific time point in time, in a way that's effortless and stripped back. Here it's middle age, where you not only grapple with your own troubles, but are saddled with those of the people around you; ageing parents, troubled teenagers, midlife crises of balding men. That kind of thing.


Along with Seydoux, other French actors like Pascal Greggory, Melvil Poupaud, and Nicole Garcia fill out the cast.

Release date

One Fine Morning is hot off the festival circuit, having premiered at Cannes before heading to Sydney, Zurich, Telluride and Toronto for separate screenings. If you're in France, you'll know the film dropped back in October. However, it's set for a release in theatres across the US from December 9. Hopefully it won't be long after when we can preview it here in Australia.


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