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On planet Nars

Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to know where to find it. RUSSH spoke to NARS’s international lead makeup stylist, Uzo, about creativity, exploration and the names that make you blush.

How did you get started in the makeup industry?
I’ve been with NARS since 1998, so I remember when Orgasm blush launched and I remember the entire collection for Spring Summer 1998 and I don’t think he anticipated that it would be what it is today. I just remember some department stores in the United States - like what kind of name is that? How are we going to put that in the catalogue? 

What’s been your favourite thing about working with François Nars?
The man is a genius. With his experiences and his curiosity for life, he’s like an encyclopedia of information. It’s not just about learning about how to do makeup, he literally is like teaching you about culture. Places I’ve never heard of; like if I see a product that he names because he was inspired by one of his trips, I would have to go look it up. He knows stuff from the 1920s, 30s, 40s, 50s and he knows his fashion history inside and out so I learn so much from him, that’s what I love.

“[François Nars] is a genius. With his experiences and his curiosity for life, he’s like an encyclopedia of information.”

How do you keep in touch with your creativity and always come up with new things?
Reading, travel, going to museums. If I could be with François 24/7 I would because he is such a vast plethora, cornucopia, vessel of information. Just being around people that have different experiences from me that I can also learn from.

Do you have a career highlight or favourite person that you’ve worked with?
I’m in L.A., and it’s so celebrity driven but I’m constantly inspired with old Hollywood and even older celebrities. I recently worked with Goldie Hawn and she knew exactly what she wanted and it was so modern.

What influences your approach to beauty?
I embrace it all. I want to try it all. I don’t want to limit myself to like ‘okay well this is what works best’. I want to be surprised. I get excited when new stuff comes out and I want to try everything.