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Odette’s newest single ‘Dwell’ will have you ready to open your heart again

Odette Dwell

The second single from Odette's coming album is here.

It's called Dwell, a lyrical manifesto about change, grief and self-analysis. The Sydney-based singer songwriter bares her soul in the brave new ballad.

“I wrote Dwell because I knew I needed to change but I didn't know how to,” she explains. “I had spent a lot of my time marinating in my own grief and it had begun to fester and putrefy. This song is a call to everyone like me, who have felt the crueler sides of human nature, to acknowledge their own destructive potential and to expel the rage and fear that simmers like a poison broth in our hearts. I hope to leave delusion and arrive in the present moment, willing and open.”

The new song is here with a magical and visually illuminating video directed by Peter Hume & Kitty Callaghan.

Odette Dwell

Photography: Rachel Dray

“The video is a visual representation of shedding,” Odette says . “To be able to see yourself through a lens of clarity and understanding, without ignoring the intensity of pain, but to be motivated and driven by its anguish. I needed to evolve, but as it began I realised that pain is itself in every sense of the word and that to reach a catharsis I would need to turn inside out.”

You can watch the video below to experience the torrent of emotions and beauty that is Dwell.


The single was created by an all-star team, produced by Pip Norman and mixed by Damian Taylor. The full album called Herald is coming to us on February 5 2021, but it's available for pre-order now.

Herald is about love, heartbreak, grief, anger and growth - about ridding yourself of toxicity and coming to an understanding who you are at the core.

“It’s about realising I was in a toxic relationship, blaming the partner, and then right at the end going, actually, I think this is my fault," she reveals.

"I guess I wanted to tell everyone that I am a softshell mollusc, deep down," she says.

You can download or stream Dwell here.