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Norbert Schoerner’s new photobook celebrates some of Prada’s most iconic campaigns… here’s where to buy it

Photographer Norbert Schoerner is responsible for some of Prada's most well-to-do campaigns from 1998 to 2002. His experimentation with colour-gradients and visual-storytelling were unparalleled at the start of the century, and for an abundance of reasons. Schoerner was the first to introduce digital touching up to the Italian fashion House's campaigns.

Form and function became seminal touchstones of the brand heritage that carried over in his stills. One of my favourites from Schoerner's collection features the arched calf of a woman's foot, sliding into a slate-gray Prada pump. In his work, Schoerner pioneered the hyper-real immersive of everyday, fashion photography with haute couture.


“Working with Prada takes a long time. It was very fragmented. Work in progress. We weren’t working from a script,” Schoerner said. “We were re-writing the script all the time. Formulating the concept every day. The work proceeds with failures and reacts to changes. It’s very much an empirical process. And that’s the luxury of these campaigns. Other brands didn’t give you the time to do that.”

His work is an indivisible extension of Prada's own innovative, luxury-driven ethos that was a touch more playful and interactive in that period. Now, the German photographer has released a photo book chronicling his work, aptly titled PRADA ARCHIVE 1998-2002. Below, we take you through how to acquire your very own.


What is PRADA ARCHIVE 1998–2002 about

The 178-page book, titled Norbert Schoerner PRADA ARCHIVE 1998–2002 was produced by Jonny Lu Studio and is bound with hole-punching. It will be published in softback by IDEA. The book features no text aside from its title, which is imposed over Schoerner’s portrait of Angela Lindvall. It will encompass the exclusive, two-year contract the photographer signed with Prada, which was the start of many dual collaborations between the two.


Where can I purchase PRADA ARCHIVE 1998–2002?

Currently, all copies are sold out. Readers can email [email protected] for notifications for when stock replenishes.


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