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Nicole Warne Shadbolt pens a love letter to New York City in our ‘Euphoric’ issue

The thing about having two “homes'' is knowing your heart may always be split in two. But, it’s not to be mistaken as heartbreak. Instead, a richness – the blessing and the curse – living for two places in equal measure.

My hometown offers sanctuary; a frequency of calm, a place to be contented. Grounded. Immersed in nature and familiar faces. The intimacy of bonds with family, and friends you call family. The supercharge of negative ions from the east coast elements – sun, air and salt water that surge over your body and the sandy ocean floor, just a stone’s throw from your front door.


CHRISTIAN DIOR coat and rings.

Left: CHRISTIAN DIOR bra and necklace. Right: CHRISTIAN DIOR dress, tights, shoes, bag and ring.


My second home, New York offers the thrill. It celebrates individuality and is never judgmental. It is the birthplace of creation and recreation. Everyone here is striving for something, chasing a dream, relentlessly dedicated to perpetual growth. It’s unadulterated spontaneity. Access. Excess. To weave through New York’s concrete corridors is to know that undefinable energy that people speak of, felt but not seen, that reverberates from the sidewalk, and straight through your soul. New York will challenge every inch of your being, in the best possible way.

New York is taking in the skyline from Domino Park at sunset as the hues change from blue to purple, then burnt-orange; watching the changing light pinballing off buildings and dancing across the East River all the way from the west side. It is dancing with drag queens until the sun comes up at Pieces in The Village and not knowing how you got home.

Left: CHRISTIAN DIOR bra, pants, briefs, earring and ring. Right: CHRISTIAN DIOR bra, pants, briefs and earring.


Left: CHRISTIAN DIOR top, tights and shoes. Right: CHRISTIAN DIOR bra, briefs, bag, necklace and ring.


Watching my daughter grow from cautiousness to curiosity, lighting up with every first. Riding Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the four more times after that. Perched in her pram seeing Van Gogh’s, The Starry Night at MoMA for the first time. Discovering watermelon and strawberry ice blocks at the farmer’s market and routinely requesting them for breakfast. Making new friends at McGolrick Park, unprompted and softly spoken, “Hi, my name is Suki, what’s your name?”

New York is filled with inspiring people, who walk different paths on the same streets. Not just the fashion community, or the creative community, but the artists and dreamers too. Street vendors, bar owners, the guy that plays the piano in Washington Square Park. No one just arrives, there’s always a back story.

A city best when viewed from above, a bird’s eye perspective that will humble you and make you feel invincible, at once. A place that strips you bare to reveal the person you were always meant to be. Or not.


CHRISTIAN DIOR coat and ring.

Left: CHRISTIAN DIOR top and earring. Right: CHRISTIAN DIOR top, tights, shoes, earring and ring.

Left: CHRISTIAN DIOR dress, shoes, bag and ring. Right: CHRISTIAN DIOR dress, shoes, bag and rings.


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PHOTOGRAPHY Brooke Gardiner
FASHION Angel Jhang
TALENT Nicole Warne Shadbolt
HAIR Yukie Yamasaki
MAKEUP Seiya Iibuchi using Dior Beauty
PRODUCTION Auriel Rickard


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