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10 of the best natural skincare brands to have on your radar

natural skincare brands

Caring for the environment and our skin barrier at the same time? Sounds like a winning combination to us, and one that is more attainable than one may initially think. As natural skincare brands and clean beauty brands become more common, the products we purchase come from a more holistic composition encompassing environmental impact and – of course – the results they can produce when incorporated in our skincare routines. When we're looking for a brand that utilises organic and cruelty free ingredients, these are 10 of the best natural skincare brands frequently turned to.

1. Fresh Beauty


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At Fresh Beauty, we find a brand underpinned by thorough research, with each new addition to the fresh beauty armada conceived with purpose and centring on one ingredient. Common focus ingredients include kombucha, rose, soy and black tea. A brand born out of a desire for products that were premium and natural, it is a cult favourite amongst natural skincare brands.


2. Youth to the People


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Youth to the People has already amassed a loyal following, with the Californian brand a go-to in the natural skincare space. With its products based around properties sourced in plant matter – like antioxidant berries and leafy greens – it is a leader natural skincare brands for its attention to detail and care for earth.


3. Kora Organics


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Founded by former RUSSH coverstar Miranda Kerr, Kora Organics employs natural ingredients across its entire product range. Common ingredients you will find include noni extract, rosehip oil, green tea, and essential oils, alongside aloe vera which is abundant in its soothing properties. The brand ensures each product is laden with a healthy dose of antioxidants, without compromising on the quality of its make and remain free from synthetic scents, sulfates, parabens and pesticides.


4. iKou


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Botanical skincare brand iKou are chemical preservative-free with their products derived from natural and organic ingredients. All ingredients are grown in Australia, meaning the brand source locally and give back to local regions.


5. Alya Skin


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Alya Skin’s range is laden with natural ingredients, designed to boost confidence through aiding in a blemish-free complexion. The brand is best known for its Pink Clay Mask and Native Berried Moisturiser, both working to help skin thrive through their natural ingredient formulae.


6. Endota Spa


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One of the best-known natural skincare brands, Endota Spa is renowned for its nurturing, considered range of products. Key ingredients include antioxidants, fruit acids and oils, with their formulations gentle on the skin. Endota Spa is certified organic and cruelty free, cementing its authority as a natural skincare brand to know.


7. Biossance


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Biossance’s background goes deeper than a beauty brand on its own. After receiving a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, company Amyris was determined to clean up beauty, thus Biossance’s launch. At its heart is a mission to stop waste, protect endangered species and end deforestation. This plays into the many ingredients the brand chooses to engage for the formulation of their product range.


8. Tata Harper

Tata Harper is all about optimisation on product, with a natural conscience underpinning the brand. Each product is formulated with as many ingredients as possible at their peak concentration, aiming to deliver maximum results, without employing synthetic or artificial ingredients. This extends to fragrance and the colour of the product.


9. Biologi


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Biologi’s skincare works to change skin at a cellular level, with its range or serums powered by active ingredients. Prominent features of the brand include the use of Gallic Acid, Finger Lime and Kakadu plum, with their products designed to strengthen the function of the skin barrier, an often forgotten component of the epidermis. Thus, Biologi is working to enhance the skin’s protection from external irritants through reinforcing it with abundant natural ingredients.


10. Grown Alchemist


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Grown Alchemist is a science-led brand, using certified-organic botanicals and natural actives crafting a range designed to nourish the skin. Committed to understanding how our bodies repair and regenerate skin, products are designed to reverse and prevent premature signs of ageing.

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