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What makes a good base a great base? Makeup artist Danielle Butcher takes us through a 70s glam makeup look that will last all night

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By now, we all know that the secret to nailing a flawless makeup look is all in our base. Similarly to the making of a well-structured house, or the beginning of a great song; the foundation and groundwork is undoubtedly the most important element. The possibilities for where you go from there are endless, as long as you have the right products, doing the right kind of work from the beginning.

Although this has become somewhat common knowledge among beauty lovers the world over, sometimes – more often than not – we've found ourselves asking, "what is it that makes a good base, a great base?" A question, that holds even more gravity as we head into the party season and the weight of Australia's humidity rests on our shoulders. As celebrity hair and makeup artist Danielle Butcher confirmed during our exclusive RUSSH Weekend tutorial with model Elodie Russell, the key to success really comes down to having the right tools in your kit. And for her, Clarins has it all.

A French icon in natural skincare and cosmetics, Clarins has continuously held a space in the luxury beauty industry as a brand that champions easy-to-use plant-powered products that don't compromise on efficacy. It's no secret then, why it's the go-to for industry experts.

Demonstrating one of her signature healthy, soft-glam looks with a hint of 70s nostalgia we've all been loving right now, Danielle tells us that the key to flawless, long-lasting makeup begins with healthy and hydrated skin. Starting off with one of Clarins' cult-products, Double Serum leads the way as the first step in prepping your skin.

"We're going to start with two of the heroes in the Clarins range. One is the Beauty Flash Balm and the other is the Double Serum. I like to mix the two products together... just to really boost the radiation and hydration."

"I mix the two products in my hands to warm them, then really massage them into the face."

The two products together form a potion of superpower proportions. For the uninitiated, the famous Double Serum is all natural and packed with 21 different active plant extracts, including Turmeric, leaving the complexion looking smoother, firmer and more radiant. The formula has anti-ageing properties, but also works to offer ultimate hydration through the balance of an oil-based phase and a water-based phase, making for a dewy make-up base. On the other hand, Beauty Flash Balm is the ultimate pick-me-up that can be used as a primer, eliminating signs of fatigue, bringing the skin to life, while helping make-up stay for hours of luminous wear.



Another area of concern when prepping your makeup base is the under-eye; a "super fine" as Danielle points out, and delicate area that often gets treated incorrectly. For this, Danielle goes in with Clarins Double Serum Eye, in order to "keep it hydrated... but not leave residue or interfere with the makeup application."

Taking inspiration from Double Serum, Double Serum Eye is the latest cream of the crop in the Clarins range; made with 96% natural ingredients and 13 plant extracts, including responsibly-harvested organic Wild Chervil to help revitalise tired-looking eyes. Similarly to Double Serum, the unique product packaging allows you to customise your dose, so you can apply as little or as much as you need based on the climate or time of year. A handy tip for those of us who can never seem to apply the right amount!

Once you've wrangled the hydration part of the process, the next step is to continue building from the ground up – which in this case, involves mixing one pump of Double Serum and two pumps of Clarins Everlasting Foundation. Although the product is a matte, full-coverage foundation, the texture of the formula is extremely lightweight – a characteristic which shines through with the addition of the serum.



"It's got really beautiful coverage, it really stays in place all day. So, your skin's going to look like skin and you're not going to have to worry about it – it's effortless," explains Danielle.

The foundation is extremely versatile – one that you can either build upon or sheer out – with Danielle continuing, "if you're wanting to have the full effect of the coverage, say if you're having a few breakouts, skip the step of adding the Double Serum. But for this 70s nostalgia look, the dewiness of the serum gives it that glossy feel."

Now that the base has been finalised, this is where the fun begins – with one of Danielle's favourites, the My Clarins my SHIMMER DROPS. To further intensify Elodie's glow, the end goal is to create a creamy highlight.

"It's a vegan-friendly product from Clarins, and we're going to apply it using the fingers just to the high points of the cheek and it blends in seamlessly with the Everlasting Foundation."



Clarins' versatile philosophy transcends into Danielle's next step, using the Joli Rouge Velvet lipstick as a cream base for Elodie's blush – a trick she uses to accentuate the rosy finish.

"What's great about using a cream product underneath is that when you put the powder on top, it intensifies it and sets it at the same time."

"When you're doing this yourself at home, you can really choose the intensity. Because it's a cream product, you can sheer it out or you can really take it to the next level. It's versatile, it's fresh, it's modern and it's glam."



No look of course, is complete without the finishing touches of a signature Clarins red lip. To finish off this soft 70's glam look, Danielle turns to the Joli Rouge Crayon and Joli Rouge Velvet Lipstick, both in the shade Joli Rouge to add the final pop. Danielle swears by a layering technique for that extra depth in colour.

"The great thing about this product is that the lipstick is a velvet, which means it still gives that matte finish, but is far more comfortable to wear and there's nothing drying about it. It's super hydrating and we're going to achieve that real, beautiful, classic red with a modern twist."




A few finishing spritzes of Fix' Make-Up, and just like that, you have a nostalgic 70s glam look with a great base and some rosy highlights to match. To recreate the look, or get more stellar, insider tips from Danielle herself, you can see the follow tutorial from RUSSH Weekend, below.



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