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Eternal idol: Chanel’s Holiday 2021 collection takes us beyond eternity

Chanel nail art Oasis issue

No end and no beginning; just here and right now. Transcending time and space, leaving a gentle reminder with each wafting movement. Some good things do last forever. Here, Chanel manicurist Jocelyn Petroni takes us beyond eternity, dipping her brush into Chanel’s Holiday 2021 collection.


Gently file nails into a natural curved edge, a smooth soft-square shape. Buff the nail plate to remove dead discoloured surface cells and also buff away dead skin from the cuticles. Chanel Huile de Jasmin is massaged into the cuticles and nail beds, which completely absorbs into and hydrates the nail plate. Just before painting, swipe the nail plate with Chanel Le Dissolvant Douceur to help anchor the polish to the nail bed and prevent polish from chipping and peeling. We kept the nails quite bare and raw so no glossy topcoat was applied. Hands and fingers were massaged using Fluide Enlumineur with light reflecting pigments for a super-soft sun kissed glow.


Nail art can be elegant when applied in delicately curved lines that naturally compliment your hand and nail shape. Shorter nail beds should apply vertical and curved lines travelling down and off the nail’s centre to lengthen the nail bed, whilst longer nail beds can wear horizontal and straight lines that travel across the nail bed and appear to shorten the nail bed length. I like to work on a naked nail that is not too polished or coloured and paint the lines as thin as possible to keep the look sophisticated. Chanel Le Vernis was applied using double moss arte brushes which are best for natural free-hand nail art.


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This beautiful red compliments all skin tones and is wearable day to night. Chanel Le Vernis Rouge Intemporel is a deep red that is fun to wear on your nails and classically beautiful for every day. The vibrance of red is contagious, connecting, and romantic for all individuals. Wear this colour with passion.


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BEAUTY Jocelyn Petroni
TALENT Kitty Callaghan, Adam Lindsey, Henry Zalapa, Gabriella Penfold, Katelyn Smith and Natalie Sweete @ Wink Agency