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NAGNATA unveils ‘SAMA’, the brand’s first genderless collection

NAGNATA genderless collection

Luxury fashion and lifestyle brand NAGNATA have always been at the forefront of the Australian fashion industry; making its mark in 2017 as part of a new generation of designers that place inclusivity and sustainability at the heart of the brand's approach. Their design process is led by a focus on mindfulness and consideration, a brand ethos that has led NAGNATA to release its first genderless collection, SAMA.

As part of the brand's Movement 007 collection, the gender-fluid line was born from NAGNATA's male following who were already wearing the brand; namely the coveted and iconic organic cotton rib sweaters and dancers embracing the merino core performance line.


NAGNATA genderless collection


"Men were requesting the styles they were seeing on women in their sizes that motivated us to adapt our designs to cater to both masculine and feminine bodies. We were already dressing our musician friends who were drawn to the signature colour palettes and the designs were still understated enough for men to feel comfortable in," shares NAGNATA founder, Laura May.

Similarly to NAGNATA, the inspiration behind the name of the collection stems from an ancient word of Sanskrit origin which means equal/same. SAMA styles are not exclusively masculine or feminine but rather, represent staples of the NAGNATA uniform, designed to share.

Created as a functional, purpose-built shrapnel of wardrobe essentials, SAMA stays true to the NAGNATA aesthetic, merging premium fashion constructions with contemporary sportswear appeal for a studio to streetwear approach. SAMA also features the brand's new organic t-shirt line, which features a collaboration with artists Rad ‘Daniel Watkins’ Dan.


NAGNATA genderless collection


The SAMA collection continues NAGNATA's efforts for inclusivity and community while honouring the brand’s sustainably minded design philosophy. The NAGNATA lifestyle embodies movement, art and activism and the brand is happy to now be able to open its world to everyone.

NAGNATA's genderless collection, SAMA is available to shop now through the brand's official website.

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