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Ditch the skinny – 4 styles of denim you’re missing out on

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When the skinny jean reemerged into the public consciousness back in the early 2000s, no one could have predicted that it would become the last word in denim for the next two decades. But that's exactly what happened.

Skinny jeans to this day are the be-all and end-all in denim. The second-skin style is the wardrobe staple we reach for day after day - the easy to solution to "I have nothing to wear".

But, it's time we move out of our denim rut. The revival of 70s and 80s style in modern fashion has shown us there are so many other styles of denim we're missing out on every time we grab our comforting pair of skinnies. You don't wear the same style of top or dress every single day, so why have we become so comfortable wearing the same style of denim? Guess Jeans' latest campaign Denim is our World has certainly shown us that there is definitely much more to the realm of denim.

Without further ado, these are cool and body-flattering styles of denim to help you out of your denim rut.


The Mom Jean

Guess Mom Jeans

The Mom Jean is a revamped version of the rigid-denim straight legs that were so popular in the late 80s and early 90s. Modern-day Mom Jeans take the classic relaxed fit but taper it slightly through the thigh and at the ankle, while keeping a high-rise and tight fit at the waist. When you find the right pair, they'll be the coolest and most flattering pair of jeans you've ever owned.


The Wide Leg Jean

Guess Wide Leg Jeans

If you love 90s fashion, let me introduce you to the wide leg jean. This high-rise style is fitted through the waist but fits loosely through the hip and leg. It's the perfect jean to pair with a cropped top or pair with a bodysuit. It oozes 90s-street nostalgia and the relaxed leg is extremely forgiving.


The Straight Leg

If you're not ready to jump straight into a wide leg, a straight leg is an easier starting point to ease you out of your denim rut. And in my personal opinion, the straight leg is the most flattering style of denim around. Straight legs have a slim (not skinny) fit through the thigh and then a baggy fit past the knee. They still show off the shape of your body, but without being painted on. Try a cropped style to keep this look feeling modern.


The Curve Leg

This is the cousin of the skinny jean. A style with a little more room through the hip to emphasise your curves, not squash them. If you've ever said "jeans that fit my hips are too big around the waist", this is the style you need to try. You'll still get a skinny fit through the leg, but a rounder fit through waist, hip and bum.


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