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Melanie Grant walks us through how to use Chanel’s new N°1 de Chanel products

N°1 de Chanel

The House of Chanel has always had a unique relationship with the Camellia. An emblem of the House since 1913, each iconic moment that Chanel offers up, the Camellia is present in some way. At the beginning of the year, Chanel tapped into the revitalising powers of the red Camellia for N°1 de Chanel, a skincare line that honours ingredients of natural origin that are renewable and have reduced environmental impact. Now, the line expands with the needs of the skin, to include two new products in the N°1 de Chanel line: The Revitalising Body Serum-in-Mist, and the Revitalising Essence Lotion.

Each of the water-light formulas are enriched with red Camellia, harnessing the flowers revitalising properties and leaving the skin comforted and hydrated with a weightless ease. The Revitalising Body Serum-in-Mist is offered to nourish, tone, and protect, while the Revitalising Essence Lotion plumps, unifies, and illuminates the skin. Together, they complete the N°1 de Chanel range, and provide the skin the opportunity to look and feel it's best without being overloaded with harsh actives or irritants.

In celebration of the two new products, RUSSH spoke with Chanel skincare expert Melanie Grant to find out what makes them so special.

What do you like about the new N° 1 de CHANEL Revitalising Essence Lotion and Body Serum-in-Mist?

The new Red Camellia Revitalising Essence Lotion is a sophisticated way of infusing the skin with profound hydration and potent antioxidants. It's been my go-to while travelling recently and has really helped keep my skin quenched and supple as I've moved through different climates whilst travelling.

Layering the lotion under the The Revitalising Serum provides comfort, hydration and leaves behind a beautiful, healthy glow. The pairing delivers a concentrated dose of red camellia extracts and red clover ferment to promote circulation and radiance, while boosting fibroblasts and collagen synthesis - and it's almost 100% naturally derived, so it's great for those of us who are pivoting toward a greener approach to skincare, without having to compromise on results.

Over the UK summer, the new Red Camellia Revitalising Body Serum-in-Mist has been my go to every morning. It's infused with nourishing red camellia oil and hydrating camellia water, which gives it a really energising, refreshing finish. Plus, it's completely alcohol free, so it's perfect for sensitive skins like mine. One amazing standout for me is that despite how deeply hydrating it is, it doesn't leave behind an oily residue, so you can mist hydration over your arms, décolleté and body as you need throughout the day, or before bed without worrying about heaviness on your clothing or sheets.


The N° 1 de CHANEL range is known best for its use of red Camellia extract. Which ingredients are you particularly excited to see included and why?

The red camellia flower is a truly fascinating botanical. It's rich in a bioavailable antioxidant called Anthocyanin, which protects and preserves skin cells, curbs inflammation and supports long term skin health. It's responsible for giving the red blossoms their vibrant colour and offers comprehensive protection for the plant – and in turn, our skin – against the detrimental effects of pollution and environmental aggressors.

The N° 1 de CHANEL range has approached formulation thoughtfully, holistically and sustainably, using all parts of the red camellia plant to offer a host of benefits for the skin, regardless of its classical type or categorisation. In addition to its high antioxidant profile, the range features yeast from the camellia microbiota that reinforces barrier function, camellia water extract that plumps and hydrates and camellia oil which comforts and nourishes.

These innovative extracts have been paired with a selection of some of my favourite active botanicals to enhance the performance of each formula. These include red coffee berries to stimulate fibroblasts, red clover ferment extract to boost micro circulation and marine microorganism extract to refine skin texture and refine pores. A handful of clean cosmeceutical ingredients like niacinamide also work to brighten and reduce inflammation, hyaluronic acid and glycerin hydrates and conditions and amino acids build skin density and collagen stores.


How do you integrate the new products into your existing regime?

Each of the new formulas can be easily integrated into your existing regime, either to enhance the benefits of their N° 1 de CHANEL peers, or formulas from other brands. The Revitalising Essence Lotion is like a multi-vitamin for the skin. It infuses the complexion with deep and lasting hydration and potent antioxidants, making it the perfect layering piece after cleansing and before your serum to boost barrier function, enhance penetration of your serums and help to shield the complexion from age-accelerating free radicals.

The Body Serum-in-Mist is a multifunctional formula with a fuss-free delivery system - rather than worrying about messy tubs of cream, or oily residue, you simply mist the hydrating medium over the décolleté, arms, legs and body allowing concentrated antioxidants and botanical hydrators to infuse instantly. Its non-greasy, deeply hydrating and leaves the skin of the body and décolleté with a beautiful radiance - simply apply after showering and top up throughout the day as desired.


What are your favourite products from the N° 1 de CHANEL range?

The Revitalising Serum has been a mainstay for me over the past couple of months, as I’ve been pivoting towards a more streamlined and sustainable approach to my home care. Its actives are all almost 100% naturally derived, and it really delivers in terms of boosting elasticity and instantly plumping and quenching the skin. It offers a concentrated dose of red camellia extract, paired with red clover ferment to promote circulation and give the skin a beautiful, healthy glow in the morning.

I've also been enjoying the Revitalising Eye Cream, which is formulated with one of my favourite ingredients for eye care - horse chestnut. It encourages microcirculation to soften dark circles and puffiness, while silk tree extract works to lift, firm and tone the delicate eye contour. In addition, the real standout of this formula for me is its azalea extract, which fortifies and strengthens your lashes. This is just another example of the holistic and multifunctional approach of the N° 1 collection - it really embodies a "less but better" approach.

Lastly, the Red Camellia Powder to Foam Cleanser has been a true quiet achiever for me. It transforms from a superfine powder to a featherlight foam with water, making it great as a primary, or more active cleanse to deep clean the pores and neutralise pollution, dirt and grime from the day. Its leakproof dry formula is of course also perfect for travel.

N°1 de Chanel

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