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Mystical morning rituals with the founder of Venustus, Jeannie Bourke

Hannah Holman @ IMG wears MARIEYAT bra from Par Femme.

Rituals … I like to create altars everywhere and have ceremonies often.

Before I open my eyes, while still in bed, I reach over and hold a crystal. Then I say my morning gratitude prayer, in my mind or out loud:

I am so grateful I can see.
I am so grateful I can hear.
I am so grateful for this amazing body with all the bits.
I am so grateful for Gary (husband).
I am so grateful for the puppies that lick my face, for the rooster and the chickens.
I am so grateful to live in this beautiful country, because I did nothing to be born here.
I am so grateful to be a free woman, for being able to do whatever I want – for being able to choose.

Then I get up and spray an aromatic organic mist. Over time, using an aroma with my daily gratitude prayer has helped hold the memory. Now each time I smell the aroma I am reminded of how blessed I am and how important it is to be grateful.

I then run a bath and smudge sage or palo santo, or diffusers with essential oils. While bathing I focus on how I can be the best mum, the best partner, the best version of myself. I think this, see this, feel this, and fall in love with the vision I create for myself. I decide I will have it and then inform the universe. Then I hand it over to the universe and let go.

Be grateful for everything you have, everyone in your life, and what you bring to this world, right here, right now.

And of course, be present. I live by this and I like to share everything I have learnt and gathered along this journey.