Musician Jamie Timony’s heartbreak cure

Jamie Timony heartbreak playlist

When it comes to heartache, Jamie Timony believes you’ve got to let it be. But the actor and musician of Mossy and These New South Whales fame knows the right soundtrack can help. Brian Eno meets the Cocteau Twins in his playlist to mend your broken heart.

My top five break-up songs are ...
Cocteau Twins – Cico Buff
Display – Lust for Youth
Iceage – Ploughing Into the Field of Love
Zola Jesus – Witness
Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)

The worst my heart’s ever been broken ... 
Probably hurt the worst the first time it happened in high school. For two years I was in love with a friend who didn’t want me back. It was a consistent source of pain.

The best cure for a broken heart is …