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MSCHF’s Big Red Boots have reached their final hellish form

MSCHF debut their Big Yellow Crocs collab at Paris Fashion Week

Brooklyn-based art collective MSCHF are at it again, joining forces with ugly-chic footwear brand Crocs to create one of the most ungodly fashion items we've seen in recent years. Playing on the success of their viral internet-breaking Big Red Boots from earlier this year (perhaps they used RUSSH's article headline as inspiration?), MSCHF and Crocs have teamed up to release a Big Yellow Crocs collab. Taking cues from the ever-popular classic clog – including punch-out toe holes and heel strap (in 'sport mode' of course) – the footwear then morphs with the silhouette of the Big Red Boots, borrowing its tall profile and collar effect.

During Paris Men's Fashion Week no less, the shoes debuted on the feet of Estonian rapper and fashion shock-jock, TOMM¥ €A$H. And honestly, we can't decide whether it's the most perfectly absurd collaboration to exist, or if perhaps the internet has gone too far this time...

€A$H, dressed as a mime in matching yellow suspenders and umbrella hat, sat front row at Rick Owens' Paris Men's Fashion Week show, chain-smoking cigarettes, and pouring and then chugging (mood) comically large glasses of red wine – an exaggerated poke, it would seem, at some quintessential French stereotypes.


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MSCHF also posted a shoot with €A$H on their Instagram to announce the project, however it's still a mystery as to whether the collab is a one-off stunt, or if they will also be sold on MSCHF's website like their Big Red Boots were. We expect the art collective will be confirming this detail soon.

MSCHF seem to be on a roll with satirising the strange and salacious extremes of the fashion industry as of late, having also just released the miniature bag to end all miniature bags, a Microscopic Handbag modelled on the Louis Vuitton Monogram OnTheGo bag.

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