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Born to Protect – Moncler’s new sustainability plan

Moncler is announcing its commitment towards sustainable development with the Moncler Born to Protect Sustainability Plan.

The wide-reaching plan that further integrates social and environmental responsibility into its business model, focuses on five strategic drivers that include climate action, circular economy, fair sourcing, enhancing diversity, and giving back to local communities.

Remo Ruffini, Chairman and CEO of Moncler stated in a press release, “The world is facing ever more urgent social and environmental challenges. The pandemic is a reminder that we can, we must, always go beyond what we have already achieved if we are to make our future better.
To rise to these great challenges, as individuals, as organizations and as companies, we must mobilize extraordinary energies. The kind that can only be generated by engaging people around common goals. We must welcome new ways of thinking and working, and find innovative solutions in new places.
At Moncler, we will embrace these challenges with humility and with ambition, searching and improving, in the knowledge that even small steps can lead to great results.
Moncler Born to Protect is the renewal of our continued commitment to protect today and tomorrow for all.”

The Moncler Sustainability Plan introduces specific goals for the company to meet. These include reducing its environmental impact by becoming carbon neutral, the recycling of fabric scraps, the use of sustainable nylon and the elimination of single-use plastics.

Born to Protect also targets the traceability of raw materials, while also encompassing awareness-raising initiatives aimed at fostering and enhancing diversity to prompt a more inclusive culture. Moncler is also further committed to supporting local communities through various social projects and to protecting 100,000 of the most vulnerable children and families from the cold.

Moncler was born to protect from the cold, now this founding purpose has extended to the protection of people and to our planet.

You can learn more about the full Sustainability Plan via

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