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Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom on what motherhood means to them and making memories with Pandora

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"Motherhood is a devotion," Isabella Carlstrom so poignantly puts it. For a lot of us, there are many forms that the role of motherhood can take. Biology becomes a secondary thought where love is concerned, and it's the singular message that Pandora hopes to celebrate this Mother's Day, by honouring all people who take on the role of motherhood throughout their lives.

The ways we express love is infinite and deeply personal, and often reaches far beyond traditional nuclear family structures – a sentiment that Moana Hope and her wife, Carlstrom, have championed in the public eye since they have been together. Now, with their two children, Ahi and Svea, and Hope's sister, Vinny, the couple share their family life with the world in the hope of furthering this message.

For Pandora, moments and stories like these are integral to the brand's DNA, and a message that has always been important to communicate with its deep commitment to celebrating milestones and moments.

New pieces from the collections have been carefully hand-crafted to explore stories of motherly love, embuing the pieces with messaging and metaphors for motherly protection and all types of mothers. An elegant sterling silver double dangle charm displaying a cut-out heart lined with white bioresin man-made mother of pearl pavé along its edges represents this, alongside the new Studded Chain Bracelet and bangle, which are are introduced with unique clasps highlighting detailed craftsmanship. Pavé is a big part of Pandora’s heritage and identity, and this season it has received a modern spin resulting in a stunning pavé that is very specific to Pandora. A linear setting with at least three rows of stones gives a three-dimensional effect that sparkles from every angle.

Below, Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom tell us what motherhood means to them, their fondest memories of motherhood so far, and making memories with Pandora.

Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom

What does motherhood mean to you?

IC: Motherhood is a devotion and love I had never known before my children. It feels like having a superpower, like I am capable of anything. It’s that burning feeling of love and happiness when I look at Svea and Ahi.

MH: It’s a feeling and meaning that I still can’t put into words. But what I do know is being a mother is the greatest job I’ve ever had. One that’s a privilege and something that I wake up every day and look forward to. My kids are my world.


What is your fondest memory of motherhood?

IC: There are way too many beautiful memories to name one. It's the little things on a daily basis that I enjoy the most. The hilarious things that my daughter says or the adorable faces that my son pulls. Watching them grow and discover the world is so special. There is so much to be learned from a child's mind and it feels like such a privilege to witness it.

MH: I have so many and I know that sounds generic. But one more recent, it's walking into a room and locking eyes with Ahi and him smiling when he sees me. There is something beautiful about that moment. And Svea, she won’t go to bed at night without giving mummy, myself and baby Ahi a kiss and cuddle. Those moments are forever.

What is your favourite memory from when you became a mum?

IC: Giving birth and watching Mo give birth must be one of my fondest memories, and every time we are together as a family. Travelling and adventures with the kids are also memories I cherish so much.

MH: Watching my little ones grow every single day. I feel like I grow with them and it’s such a beautiful little world I live in with them both.

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