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By the seaside: a photographer’s photo diary from Brighton

"I’ve always gone to the sea to gain perspective and solace." Brighton has long captured the attention of photographer Mitch Noakes. A place of refuge and natural splendour, Noakes has been drawn back to the seaside city time and time again since his first visit in 2012. Here he shares with RUSSH memories from his recent journey.

"Seven Sisters."

"I’ve always gone to the sea to gain perspective and solace. This shot encapsulates that feeling - the enormity of the sea contrasted by your seemingly insignificant self and problems."

"The view from a Brighton apartment."

"At a time when racist leaders continue to spread their hate, this family was taking part in something that is quintessentially English."

"Thematically, this is one the most beautiful moments I’ve captured."

"A child disobeying his mum by standing right where the waves were landing."

"Brighton Beach is full of people wandering alone across the pebbles. It’s as if they rode the train to the end of the line, got off and now find themselves in this seaside limbo."

"All the colours of Brighton on a freezing winter’s day."

"I’ve been traveling to Brighton since 2012, and in doing so I have endless variations of this exact shot. Each sunset on Brighton beach is more significant than the last."

"This family got hit by a huge wave crashing against the break wall."

"Finding solace again."

"This man owned a souvenir shop on the beach front. His eyes were incredibly blue."

"This is Brighton."