Mist it all away with crystal-infused rosewater

What’s better than a mist of rosewater on fresh morning skin? Rosewater that is infused with the cosmos - created under the deep beauty of the Venus / Moon conjunction, that is. This celestial peak of both beauty and femininity makes for a product that enhances your natural beauty, so you don’t have to travel to the moon to feel the glow. Made with the purest of roses, Venus Rosewater is dually enhanced with rose quartz crystal essence for a high-vibe, love-infused elixir for your skin. The result is a beautifying mist that naturally soothes and hydrates your skin, leaving you smelling like a bed of roses. We love the potion for its effortless hydration, palpable positing energy, and the rose quartz crystal that accompanies each bottle.

The first product from Find Your Wild, each elixir is wildcrafted in Australia in small batches, with the aim of making you feel more natural, beautiful, and wild. One mist of the rosewater later and we’re indeed feeling like a wild rose ourselves.

FIND YOUR WILD Venus Rosewater with Crystal Essence mist