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Greece is calling: Joslin Studio Designer and Founder Elinor McInnes takes us to Mílos

Milos guide Elinor McInnes

There's no doubting that Greece is the European summer destination on everyone's lips at the moment. You only need to take one look at your Instagram or TikTok feed for confirmation – but do so at your own risk, as an instant wave of the travel bug is sure to hit no long after. So, when Designer and Founder of Joslin Studio, Elinor McInnes, offered to bring us along for her trip to one of Greece's best islands – Mílos – we simply couldn't resist.

The relatively untouched island has been gaining traction over the last few years (pandemic years unaccounted for), for the lunar-shaped white cliffs at Sarakiniko, the natural curvature of swimming hole Papafragas and the colourful boat houses at Mandrakia. It's no wonder McInnes saw the island as the perfect location to shoot Resort 23 Collection ‘Selene’.

Here, she takes us through her ultimate Mílos travel guide, from her favourite places to eat and stay, to her beauty bag essentials.

Where did you stay? Do you have a favourite hotel or property?

We stayed at both Ventus di Milo and Mílos Cove, and both hotels were exceptional for both views and service. I loved Ventus di Milo for its modern Greek interior design (the attention to detail was perfection) and the breeze that came through the wooden panelled doors whilst sleeping. Mílos Cove had one of the most stunning views I have ever seen from their infinity pool and an incredible spa experience.

What was your favourite moment from the trip?

We photographed the Resort 23 Collection ‘Selene’ during sunset and sunrise on Sarakiniko Beach. It is a beach formed from white volcanic ash and looks like the moon's surface. It is one of Europe’s most famous beaches. Our photographer Ivana Martyn-Zyznikow was on holiday in Mílos also, so we worked together to shoot the collection.

We also had a boat trip along the southern coast of Mílos with Ivana’s family to see Kleftiko and its impressive caves. You can only visit via boat, and it was breathtaking!

What sights were on your must-do list?

Kleftiko Caves, Sarakiniko Beach, Plaka for dinner with amazing sunset views (it is like Santorini but very quiet with minimal tourists) and all the beautiful fishing villages such as Klima.

What was the most unforgettable meal you ate?

All the food in Mílos was a 10 out of 10 and is very fresh and healthy. My favourite meal was at O! Hamos! Tavern, it is a family business and one of the longest-serving restaurants on Mílos. I loved their chilled green beans with tomatoes. I ate them multiple times, and they come highly recommended! 'Stavriko's Green Beans – Fasolakia Stavrikou', their menu was all handwritten (in images). I also recommend Nostos and Sirocco for food.

What are your favourite things to do on holiday?

I break my holidays up to be 75% relaxation and 25% sightseeing. My favourite thing to do is lie by the pool drinking G&T’s, and listening to a good podcast! Nothing better!

What’s your perfect travel outfit?

Linen palazzo pants, a bikini top and my husband’s shirt worn open!

What three things will you always have in your bag when you travel?

My silk slip eye mask, sunscreen and a solid first aid kit!

What is your favourite travel read?

I’ve moved on to reading books that either inspire or support managing a business. I have just finished reading The 5AM Club.

What are your travel beauty bag essentials?

What spot is next on your holiday list?

I want to go back to Hvar in Croatia!



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