Melt into bliss at Vaia Beauty

Afternoon delight. Tucked into a quiet nook just off Oxford St, Vaia Beauty lets you melt the day away with their Signature Organic Facial.

“The signature organic facial combines plant-based actives, which a lot of them happen to have beautiful aromas,” Vaia Pappas, naturopath and director of Vaia Beauty explains. “Essential oils can provide so many healing powers not to mention how amazing they can smell.”

Using a chlorophyll and essential oil mix to massage the skin throughout the Signature Organic Facial, skin is left juicy and plump while you are left floating. A mixture of cleansing, masks and massage work together to stimulate the skins natural regeneration ability.

The treatment is finished with the gua sha (a rose quartz massage tool) to encourage lymphatic stimulation and muscle relaxation. Pappas explains that “gua sha has been part of the Chinese culture for decades and women actually use it aesthetically for anti-aging.”

Combining naturopathy, organic skincare, modern machines and ancient techniques - holistic takes on a whole new meaning.