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Objects of our affection – the Maticevski cushions to cosy up to

In isolation, some incredible things are born. Lucky for us, during this time Australian designer Toni Maticevski released Object D’, an exclusive collection of soft furnishing cushions for the home.

The tremendously annoying year that is 2020 has bred a new wave of homewares, furniture and all-round appreciation for interiors. I for one, am on this bandwagon with the rest of the world and will always be on the lookout for new pieces for my space.



We’ve seen an array of releases from candlesticks to scents, dining sets including glassware, carafes, and plates, along with bedding collaborations and more. Now, Maticevski has creatively conceptualised a collection of cushions, filling that void we never knew we needed.

Object D’ was born out of the notion that we all collectively spend more time at home, so we should be surrounded by things that inspire us or fill our visual desires with beauty. In the first few weeks of isolation, Maticevski spent time rummaging through his namesake label’s design studio drawers, cupboards, fabric archives and trim wardrobes. This led to the discovery of beautiful developments and treasures that had stayed hidden away for quite some time.



Old becomes new and hidden gems were given a new light to shine and enhance our homes. In true Maticevski style, cushions take form in a monochrome colour palette of black, white, soft blush and concrete grey. Cascades of ruffles, scallops, ribbons along with re-purposed leathers and fabrics form the basis of the idea that things should not be wasted. Object D’ utilises off-cuts to work towards minimising the effects of landfill and unwarranted waste.

All objects are limited and some are one-off pieces so get in quick. Exclusive and only available from the Toni Maticevski website.



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