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Mary’s On Top – The Lansdowne opens rooftop venue

Beloved burger favourite Mary’s will be opening the doors to their latest addition atop the historic Lansdowne Hotel this Thursday 4th June.

The new venue, Mary’s On Top will be bringing beers, wine and iconic delicious Mary’s burgers on top of one of the most historic venues in Sydney and our favourite F*ck Fashion Let’s Dance Party joint. Some good news amidst all the heavy restrictions we have endured the last few months.

Mary’s owners Jake Smyth and Kenny Graham have had their eye on the rooftop of the Lansdowne since the re-opening of the live music venue in 2017. Plans for the rooftop opening were originally meant for later this Spring, however due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and many staff out of work, the duo brought their plans forward while opting for a rawer approach.

“It’s always been sitting there, taunting us with its proximity and promise. Now with the world gone crazy, we figured we would match that craziness by opening a fucking venue in the midst of the COVID mess.” Say Jake Smyth. Further adding, “This is about celebrating what we have to share with a world sorely in need of a good time. We have a lot of sun in Sydney, we have a fucking rooftop, and we have the best fucking burgers in the world. Put them together with some beer or a bottle of vino, and we aren’t solving the crisis- but we might just stick a smile on some our staff and our punters at the same time.”

While Sydney is one of the most popular cities in Australia, we certainly lack a selection of rooftop spaces to socially enjoy. Kenny Graham knows it’s time to utilise these, “When you consider that Sydney has day-time averages above 17c for the entirety of fucking winter, and a total of 17 days of rain out of 90, it is pure insanity to think about the severe lack of roof-tops being used as prime social and cultural spaces.”

A non-fussy space, Mary’s On Top carries the same sentiment as all other Mary’s joints. Beers, booze and delicious Mary’s burgers along with all the vegan options. It’s your sure-fire good time on a rooftop overlooking glorious Sydney.

The venue is completely weather dependent (obviously) so be sure to check Mary’s socials and website for daily updates.

As coronavirus restrictions begin to ease in NSW and across all Australian states, be sure to be smart and diligent and continue to follow social distancing rules and protocols. Stay safe.