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Modern love takes centre stage in the trailer for ‘Mark, Mary & Some Other People’

Mark, Mary & Some Other People

As far as romcoms go, we've become fairly accustomed to the traditional storyline. Happy couple's world is somehow rocked by a challenge or newly discovered secret, and the pair must fight through said obstacles to make it out on the other side. Ultimately, they almost always end up back together – and somehow... happier? But as we know the reality of newlywed, modern love is far less streamlined; brought to life in the new indie romantic comedy, Mark, Mary & Some Other People.

Having first premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, the film follows main characters Mark (Ben Rosenfield) and Mary (Hayley Law); freshly married and reluctantly deciding to give ethical non-monogamy a shot. Spoiler alert, things get complicated. As their relationship continues, the arrangement finds the pair asking a lot of questions of themselves. Mary, realising she might be more traditional than she originally thought, and Mark broadening his perspective on marriage through a new lens.

Refreshing, honest and frankly – realistic – Mark, Mary & Some Other People is giving us the 2021 romcom we all deserve. Find everything you need to know, below.


What is Mark, Mary & Some Other People about?

Reuniting post-college, Mark and Mary find themselves swiftly falling in love, and before long, get hitched. Although their whirlwind love story starts off blissfully like any other; before long, Mary finds herself asking her husband that ever-daunting question: “would you ever consider an open thing?” But things don't end up panning out how she thought they would

Writer and director Hannah Marks has spoken about her own personal connection to the storyline, sharing; “There’s part of me that’s more traditional and there’s a part of me that’s maybe more experimental and progressive. I thought it was an interesting way to explore those two sides of myself but through two different characters and create a rom-com out of that…"


Watch the trailer below.

Mark, Mary & Some Other People is expected to hit cinemas on November 5. Until then, familiarise yourself with this modern love story by watching the trailer below.


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