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It’s time to look smudged with the marinated makeup trend

marinated makeup trend

Clean girl beauty is over – she’s dead and gone. Now, we’re seeking marinated girls only with the marinated makeup trend sweeping TikTok that ties in effortlessly with the feral girl aesthetic we at RUSSH have come to embrace. Blending Y2K nostalgia with nightlife culture, this is a trend we are all likely familiar with, yet didn’t know it had a name. 

Marinated makeup isn’t as literal as it sounds, so don’t go tenderising any meat and lathering it in Sheer Glow foundation. It’s about embracing mess – smudged, lived-in makeup you see when lying in bed at 2AM debating whether you have the energy to remove it or not. It’s when your eyeshadow isn’t blended or your winged liner isn’t sharp, rather somewhat blunt and mopey. 


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One prominent embracer of the trend is indie rock musician beabadoobee, with the marinated makeup trend her signature. Smudged-out liner, faux freckles, bitten lips, her undone look acts as a muse for those wanting to trial the look in their own beauty rotation. Other icons of the trend include our beloved Effy from Skins, Taylor Momsen and Amy Winehouse. What makes the trend distinct from other TikTok beauty trends is that it is meant to look slept in – no freshness allowed here. 

@whoiselliewebb gotta wait at least half an hour after to reach the full potential #fyp #makeup ♬ original sound - Kerri Forde

Before we all go sleeping in our makeup in an attempt to mimic the look, please note sleeping in makeup is not good for your skin and you will likely break out due to clogged pores or itchy eyes. Rather, to achieve the look, you can employ a series of blending and general beauty techniques to evoke the look: 

  • Don’t skimp on dewiness at the start of your application. At first, apply a moisturiser and a light, breathable base foundation. To achieve the sweaty element, tap a glossy, shimmer-free highlighter across the top of your cheekbones. 
  • Fake freckles are a must, so proceed to dot an array of freckles across your face using either a freckle pen or a sharp eyeliner pencil. 
  • Key to the look is eyeliner! Apply  black gel eyeliner on the upper and lower waterlines, the smudge the liner with your fingers for a diffused, disheveled look. 
  • Spritzing your face with a face mist once you have applied your makeup will help to achieve the smudgy, morning-after look without having to sleep in your beauty. 
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