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Marimekko’s homewares collection is here to spark joy in our everyday lives

Colour me happy. Our love and obsession for homewares is one that is never ending. Objects designed to bring joy into our everyday lives are a win in this absolutely tumultuous year that is 2020.

Marimekko’s homewares collection does just this, providing us with lively, vivacious and sustainable pieces to include in our everyday rituals.



The team at Marimekko forever inspires its talented group of designers and craftsmen to express themselves freely, thus creating product that is authentic and full of heart and soul. These practices are expressed through their patterns, colours, unpretentious designs and the art of printmaking.


"Marimekko is not about trending fashion. We make timeless and lasting products, which by chance, are often very fashionable." - Armi Ratia, Founder Marimekko.



Both wonderful to look at and deeply practical, the Marimekko homewares collection provides an assortment of delightful designs to enhance any lifestyle. Featuring floral, spotted and nature-based prints, dinner plates, bowls, mugs, jugs, aprons, over mitts, kitchen towels, vases, glassware and much more to complete your space with an added quirk and functionality.



Spreading happiness through their pieces that stand the test of time. The Marimekko homewares collection is available to purchase from Marimekko.com.


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