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Our music editor shares her favourites songs from March 2024

Our music editor shares her favourites songs from March 2024

March has already been madness and heralding some seasonal change for us all, spring has for our Northern hemisphere friends and the Autumnal cool change for us, with a fresh new blue in our skies and new noises in our ears. As we look forward to the long weekend, here are some musical gems to accompany your slow cooking, your egg hunting, your bunny chasing…whatever you do in your down time.



Merryn Jeann sings that she is a gemini, but this song works well for the current Aries season. Jeann is a Byron Bay/Arakwal Country-based singer-songwriter and multidisciplinary artist, who did all the visuals for her record DOG BEACH produced by Rob Ellis and recorded in the UK. Based on the sonic world she has created, I get the impression she’s not taking current card readings but having fun.


glasshour, Cumgirl8

To those new to the cg8 world and aesthetic, the band claim to have met in a sex chat 800 years ago, which makes sense when you consider the aesthetic they have cultivated in their shows and press shots. No stranger to the fashion world, with Lida Fox and Veronika Vilim, alongside Chase Lombardo and Avishag Rodrigues make their own breed of post-punk for fans fo ESG, Chris & Cosey and even Madonna.


Come Around, Gauci

Gauci are set to release their next mixtape next month, and have released Come Around to get your juices going. Inspired by the organic elements of a live band and digital pop production, the mixtape will be “as much a self-deprecating middle finger to supposed feelings and actions as it is charged with emotional clarity through their retelling of adulthood and self-actualisation.” Heavy themes hiding in melodic toplines.


Jump the Gun, Jess Ribero

Often described as a ‘folk chameleon’ this latest release has a lot more grit than her epithet would suggest. Driving and gently distorted guitar sit beneath a voice that has become well revered in the Australian music scene. The track is given extra weight and drive with Jim White of The Dirty Three adding some drums and percussion.


Broken Man, St. Vincent

She’s back. Ahead of her new record, All Born Screaming, Annie Clark has brought forward a powerful single laced with Albini inspired production and with none other than Dave Grohl on drums. This is her first record that she has produced completely alone, so no doubt will be more authentic and judging by this, louder than before.


Fool, Adrienne Lenker

There is definitely a different feel to the songwriting that Lenker is giving us on her solo record, whilst we fell in love with her powerful fragility in Big Thief, the instrumentation adds a playful honesty that takes the music somewhere else.


Boys, Amen Dunes

I am so glad there is another Amen Dunes record coming out in May. It’s been a while since I had them on rotation and I have fond memories of Miki Dora defining a summer, I imagine this could define a winter.


My Little Tony, Bar Italia

Look, it didn't come out this month, but I did receive some news they were coming to Australia this month, hence it’s joining the round up. This could be a song to drive away from an event that you no longer wanted to be at with...


Ramona, Grace Cummings

Big Voice. Big Sound. Big Producer (Jonathon Wilson). I anticipate a big album with big things.


Still Can’t Believe, Dr. Dog

I find this release reassuring. An institution doing what they do best after 20ish years.


Wild God, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Wild God? Thank God.


You can listen to the full March 2024 favourites playlist on Spotify (there are some other fun releases in there from Vampire Weekend, Khruangbin and Waxahatchee).

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