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Sounds of mystery, charm and desire: remembering feelings of dignity and beauty with the Majestic playlist

Majestic playlist

“If silence is to be broken, let it be with the majesty of music.”

― Mark Hewer

Whilst few of us can claim the royal or aristocratic title of majesty, we can all embody elements definition to elevate ourselves into a feeling of regal dignity and beauty. Modern majesty can be channelled through a graceful kindness to ourselves and to others. A solemn compassion, a patient understanding for a loved one or even just a tall and powerful walk can allow us to float on a divine grace. We are all the rulers of our own lives and our own hearts.

Here is a soundtrack to the days in your kingdom, to warm and add strength to your reign. Aldous Harding presents you with your princess and your horizon, opening your potential with a sensitive and minimal sound that resonates with triumphant struggle. We are reminded of the power of our movement through Perfume Genius’ Queen and visit the Castles of America with The Magnetic Fields. Fatima Al Qadiri allows us to live the archaic fantasies of turrets and drawbridges with the track Medieval Femme. The deeply talented Sofie gives us a nonchalant 99 glimpses of Prince Margaret in the garden of the fugative.

Some songs here just embody the feeling of Majesty without touching on the subject. The powerful outro of Balcony Man, from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’ latest release lifts us into feeling like the amazing morning which he has envisioned. If personal majesty requires some sort of self love then we have Robert Girl to remind us from his record Night full of Tension. Music royalty Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen have joined forces with Like I Used To, reminding us of all the things that we used to do to make us feel glorious, lighting up, opening hearts and falling in love. And if that’s too sentimental, we end on anarchy with God Save The Queen, ‘cos England’s dreaming…

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MODEL Blésnya Minher @ The Society wears CHANEL top, pants, shoes, belt, earrings and necklace.
PHOTOGRAPHY Edouard Plongeon
FASHION Marine Braunschvig @ The Wall Group
HAIR Paolo Ferreira
MAKEUP Morgane Martini @ The Wall Group
CASTING Megan McCluskie


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