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Made to measure clothing: Why you should invest and the Australian brands to shop

made to measure fashion australia

Finding the perfect fitting garment can sometimes feel an arduous task, especially when looking for a tailored item like trousers or blazers. One can spend hours searching in store, trying on multiple options without any proving to be the right option. The alternative? A custom made garment tailored to your desires and fit, better known as made to measure clothing and becoming popularised with a slew of Australian brands.

What is made to measure clothing?

Made to measure garments are produced from existing garment patterns with the ability to add customisable modifications to tailor to the desires of a client. Essentially, it is a conduit for you altering clothing to suit you and allows for shoppers to make the necessary adjustments to a pattern to meet their specifications.

When shopping for garments like trousers or shirts, it is common the fit of the item is not correct throughout, which is where made to measure tailoring can help. Typically, one or two fittings to collect dimensions are undertaken before a design is drafted. For final adjustments, another fitting will be scheduled to ensure the final product is aligned with both the expectations of the client and has been crafted as intended.

Why should I shop made to measure pieces?

There are three key reasons why investing in made-to-measure is a sound choice, including:

Customised fit:

Ensuring the garments you are wearing fit your body properly is the foundation of looking your best. When clothes are ill-fitting, they can create an unflattering silhouette rather than complimenting your body. Made to measure garments are made tailored to your precise measurements, ensuring the garment will properly fit. Through achieving a tailored look, this will help you both feel comfortable and look your best.

Choice of fabrics:

Dependent on the brand you shop, made to measure clothing also allows for clients to choose what material you would like your garments to be crafted from. Handy for those who may have an affinity for a particular fabric, it is also useful if clients commonly react to commonly employed materials as they can ensure their clothes are crafted from suitable alternatives.

Greater longevity of garments:

There’s no hiding how made to measure clothing can be more expensive than selecting a ready to wear garment off the rack, however, by employing the cost per wear method to your purchase, this does allow for more perspective. Tailored garments are made for longevity and intended to become treasured wardrobe staples to be worn on multiple occasions. Through purchasing a custom, classic fitted garment, your made to measure purchase will likely become a go-to ensemble you know can be relied on.

What are some Australian made to measure brands to shop?

As made to measure clothing has become a more prominent means of shopping, a range of Australian brands have adapted the model as their process of choice. We’ve chosen a select few who are blazing the trail across out shores.


1. E Nolan Melbourne


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Melbourne brand E Nolan has rapidly cultivated a loyal following through offering a new standard of womenswear tailoring in Australia. Every made to measure garment is crafted from the label’s exclusive in-house patterns, forming the base of a range of jackets and trousers. Pieces can be purchased separately or as a set, with the brand challenging the notions of what traditional tailoring is.


2. Par Moi


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Launched in 2019 by Ashiya Omundsen, Par Moi’s brand is built upon the ethos of ethically produced fashion, made to last. Every piece is lovingly crafted by hand, sewn from deadstock fabric by Omundsen and friends. Pieces are available until materials are finished, ensuring waste is kept to a minimum.


3. P Johnson Femme


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P Johnson Femme’s custom-tailored process ensures the brand minimises wastage through building unique garments, rather than accumulating mass ranging. A selection of blazer and trouser models are carried by the brand, alongside skirts and shirt styles. Cloth employed the production process has been specifically developed for the female form and includes Irish linen, Italian cottons, cashmere flannel and corduroy.


4. White Story


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A brand dedicated to the principles of simplicity, White Story was founded as an alternative to the volatile nature of trend cycles. Pieces are cut and patterned in the brand’s Melbourne studio, made by a collective of local artisans, with every piece an homage to Australian craftsmanship. Popular pieces include crisp white shirts, trousers and jackets.


5. Kalaurie


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Modern heirlooms designed to be treasured for a lifetime is how Kalaurie describes their pieces. Mindfully handcrafted in-house in their Melbourne atelier, every garment is made to last and become a wardrobe staple. The brand embraces a responsible model of garment production, ensuring only what is needed is made, rather than a mass production of stock.


6. Arnsdorf


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All garments produced by Arnsdorf are designed, cut, sewn and finished at their in-house atelier, with the brand also having acquired Ethtical Clothing Australia accreditation alongside being a B Corporation. The brand is founded on the values of transparency and sustainability, with all pieces crafted to be worn in years to come from responsibly sourced materials.

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