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Four non-alcoholic cocktail recipes to get you through Dry July with Lyre’s

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We've all been there. The feeling of making the 'sensible' decision of taking a night off drinking, only to turn to the final page of the beverage menu to discover an offering of measly soft drinks and juice fit for a hotel breakfast buffet. It's a sad, sad experience for many of us. But as the world begins to shift in the way we interact and perceive alcohol, brands like Lyre's are here to answer our calls; transforming the market of non-alcoholic beverages. And it's about time.

Built upon an ethos that non-alcoholic drinks shouldn't need to compromise on taste or experience, founders Mark Livings and Carl Hartmann launched their range of non-alcoholic cocktail options and spirits – an offering that currently boasts 18 different spirits. So, it only feels natural that the Australian brand has been announced as the official partner of Dry July 2022.

As we kick-off the booze-free month, we spoke with Lyre's Vice President, Kelli McPhie who shared with us her three top tips for making it through Dry July, as well as four non-alcoholic cocktail recipes to give you a heads start.

What was the inspiration behind the Lyre’s brand? Where did the idea for non-alcoholic spirits begin?

Our founders, Mark Livings and Carl Hartmann, noticed a gap in the market. As entrepreneurs they would attend frequent networking events, and if they weren’t opting to drink alcohol; their non-alcoholic beverage choices were limited to water, juice, or soft drink. Combined with the declining rates in alcohol consumption due to people wanting to adopt a healthier lifestyle, Mark and Carl wanted to create a range of products that gave consumers sophisticated non-alcoholic cocktail options that didn’t compromise on taste.

You’ve partnered with Dry July as the Official Dry July campaign partner for 2022. Was this always a wishlist collaboration and what has the process been like?

That’s correct, and we’re very excited about this partnership. The Dry July foundation is all about raising money for cancer research and creating a better life for those affected by cancer, throughout the month of July fundraisers abstain from drinking alcohol. Lyre’s 18 product strong portfolio of ‘spirits’ enables you to create 90% of the world’s most popular classic and contemporary cocktails, so going dry for a full month is made easier with a true to taste Lyre’s non-alcoholic cocktail in hand. Whilst providing great options for a month off the booze, Lyre’s will also be donating 10% of all profits from our website to the Dry July Foundation this month and that’s with free shipping included on orders too.

It’s been a collaborative process with the Dry July Foundation team, and we’re very fortunate they’ve selected Lyre’s as their key partner for 2022.

Tell me a little bit about the Lyre Booze Free Month – what can those who sign up to the challenge expect?

The Lyre’s Booze Free Month is kind of like a meal plan for the month, but with drinks. You can buy the full month pack of 12 ‘spirits’ or go week to week, selecting from our negroni, sophisticated set, espresso martini or spritz set. We have a large library of cocktail recipes available on our website for you to choose from, and suggestions on how to use each of your weekly cocktail sets. Another exciting part of the booze free month is that you can book in a 15min virtual cocktail making session with a Lyre’s brand ambassador that will take you through how to create cocktails.

For someone who is trying to lower their alcohol intake, or is curious about the switch to non-alcoholic spirits, where’s the first place they should start?

I would say try a non-alcoholic cocktail at the next bar or restaurant you go to, our website provides a national store locator of what venues are listing Lyre’s cocktails. Select your favourite alcoholic cocktail and ask the bartender to ‘Make it a Lyre’s’. Or we have multiple supermarkets stocking Lyre’s across the country with 200ml bottles and 250ml ready to drink cans, you can start with a small format bottle and see what you think.

If you could share three tips for making it through Dry July, what would they be?

1. Be organised: plan out your nightly non-alcoholic drinks before going to the shops so you can purchase the right mixers and garnishes. E.g. if you’re creating Mojito for your Wednesday night beverage, remember to grab some mint, lime and soda.

2. Change your habits: if your ritual usually involves ending your day with a gin and tonic, you can sub your gin for our Lyre’s Dry London Spirit instead.

3. Be disciplined: The more days you can go without alcohol, the less you’ll feel like drinking, and you’ll feel much better for it. So push through, remember you’re doing it for charity!

Lyre boasts one of the most extensive non-alcoholic ranges I have ever seen. What are you favourite spirits and what are your favourite ways to enjoy them?

Like many Australian's right now, I’m a big fan of a margarita. Lyre’s has recently added two Agave Spirits to our range: our Blanco and Reserva; so now I can make a delicious Lyre’s Tommy’s Margarita. It has the perfect balance of citrus, vanilla and peppery spice.


Lyre's Pink Gin Spritz


2 parts (60mL/ 2 Fl Oz) Lyre’s Pink London Spirit
2 parts (60mL/ 2 Fl Oz) Lyre’s Classico
1 part (30mL/ 1 Fl Oz) premium bottled tonic water or soda water or lemonade
5 raspberries or berry of choice
2 lemon slices

Build all ingredients in glass with ice, stir

Large Wine Glass

Lyre's Tommy's Margarita

2 parts (60mL/ 2 Fl Oz) Lyre’s Agave Reserva Spirit
0.5 parts (15mL/ 0.5 Fl Oz) Premium Agave Syrup
1 part (30mL/ 1 Fl Oz) Lime Juice
Pinch Salt (optional)

Shake briefly with ice. Fine strain into glass


Lyre's Highland Sour

2 parts (60mL/ 2 Fl Oz) Lyre's Highland Malt
1 part (30mL/ 1 Fl Oz) Lemon juice
0.5 part (15m:/ 0.5 Fl Oz) White sugar syrup (1:1)
0.5 part (15mL/ 0.5 Fl Oz) Egg white/Aquafaba
OR 4 drops foaming agent
2 Dashes aromatic bitters

Dry shake all the ingredients briefly.
Add ice, shake hard and strain into glass over block ic.

Old fashioned

Maraschino cherry & orange slice

Lyre's Mojito

75 ml Lyre’s White Cane Spirit 30 ml Lime Juice
15 ml White Sugar Syrup (1:1) 8 - 10 Mint Leaves
30 ml Soda Water

Add all ingredients into glass. Fill with fresh cubed ice, stir, add soda and garnish.


Lime Wheel, Plump Mint Sprig

See Lyre's in action at our annual F*ck Fashion, Let’s Dance party earlier this year.

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