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Sun Worship – Lucy Folk collaborates with artist Cynthia Swanson

An ode to an endless summer.

We caught up with designer and RUSSH favourite Lucy Folk recently at the release of her latest collection, Sun Worship. She shared postcards from her time isolating at Noosa Heads, her hero pieces and the journey of her inspirations. Now, we have a glimpse at the beautiful campaign imagery series of the same name.

The Sun Worship collection is an appreciation for the transformative energy of the powerful rays of the sun and to the cultures, life and positivity the sun inspires. From jewels, accessories and apparel, each piece is a highlight of Folk’s love for the sun and the myths and symbology surrounding its force.



Lucy shares of her inspirations, “The collection came about after a lengthy visit to the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

"Craig Spark (head jeweller) and I were on our annual design pilgrimage and we were fascinated by the Piedra del Sol. The Mayan Sun Dial / Sun Stone and in particular the Aztec mythology / symbology that surrounds it. In particular the stories of the five Aztec sun gods.

"I am a self-confessed heliophile. I am drawn to the power of the sun. We seek nourishment and find comfort in the strength and light of its rays.”

The campaign itself was photographed by Victoria Zschommler with collages by artist Cynthia Swanson. The collaboration with Cynthia was Folk's solution to creating a captivating campaign during the time of the coronavirus pandemic, while the brand didn’t have their usual freedom to travel.



When the opportunity arose to partner with Cynthia for the latest campaign, Lucy jumped at the chance. Cynthia’s work is a reflection of the Lucy Folk ethos, with each piece exuding a hand-crafted sense of artisanal spirit and showcasing the creative artistic effort behind each design decision.

Each campaign image was crafted from a combination of imagery Lucy Folk supplied and a backlog of Cynthia's personal polaroid images, spanning across 20 years of global travels. Each image was created as a piece of art, and not a campaign visual.

Lucky for us, Folk has confirmed the collaboration with Cynthia Swanson will be an ongoing one. We can’t wait for the next creation from this duo.