This is how Lucy Folk worships the sun at home

An escape through the transformative energy of the incredible rays of the sun. An homage to an endless summer and an ode to the cultures, life and positivity the sun inspires. As Lucy Folk releases her latest collection aptly titled Sun Worship, we chat with Lucy on her design inspirations, at home rituals and why love, nature, family and food are all you need. She shares with RUSSH her postcards while residing in Noosa Heads and why the messaging of Sun Worship is a beacon of her personal optimism during the current global crisis. Dreaming of warmer, sunnier days.

Talk us through your latest collection ‘Sun Worship’ …

We have created a collection of jewels, accessories and apparel that highlights our love for the sun. The myths surrounding its force and the symbology we think are representative of its journey.


What inspired you?

The collection came about after a lengthy visit to the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

Craig Spark (head jeweler) and I were on our annual design pilgrimage and we were fascinated by the Piedra del Sol. The Mayan Sun Dial / Sun Stone and in particular the Aztec mythology / symbology that surrounds it. In particular the stories of the five Aztec sun gods.

I am a self-confessed heliophile. I am drawn to the power of the sun. We seek nourishment and find comfort in the strength and light of its rays.


What are your hero pieces?

The Smoking Mirror Bracelet, Higher Than The Sun Ring and Piedro Del Sol Earrings.


How do you worship the sun at home?

I wake up early, open the blinds and let the sun shine into our room.
I walk around the pool in the sun when I can (usually on work calls).
I lay in the sun and take around 10-20 minutes as often as possible.

Where have you been residing during the current global pandemic?

Noosa Heads.


What are your most cherished rituals?

Making a wholesome breakfast to start the day. Walking in nature. Swimming in the sea. Being close to the man I love.


What are you reading / watching / listening to?

I am reading Sacred Birthing: Birthing a New Humanity – Sunni Karll.
Watching the butterflies that have taken over Noosa.
Listening to Keshava Murahara - Alice Coltrane (we are getting pretty spiritual up here ha).

How do you stay healthy (mentally and / or physically)?

I sleep for at least 8 hours a night.
I eat a mostly plant-based diet, I do love cheese and fish too.
I exercise as much as I can. Currently I am favouring Pilates and yoga as well as meditation.
I am drawn to the sun and the sea and its transformative effects.


What do you appreciate the most right now?

Love, Nature, Family, Food.


I miss ...