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LOEWE debuts “scent of marihuana” candles – plus other garden essences

Loewe Marihuana Candles

Leave it to Jonathan Anderson to release a product that prompts a smile and leaves us wanting just that. The LOEWE creative director announced on Instagram that the house is releasing a new range of home scents "evoking the essence of the vegetable garden".

Then collection encompasses 11 plant essences. Honeysuckle, beetroot, juniper berry, tomato leaves, coriander, liquorice, scent of marihuana, luscious pea, oregano, cypress balls and ivy. All are present in a selection of candles, in hand-crafted ceramic vessels inspired by Greek drinking vessels from the fifth century BC. Plus wax candle holders, home fragrances, rattan diffusers and soap.

Time to bring nature inside? We think so. You'll be able to find LOEWE home scents on loewe.com from September.

In the meantime, here are some other candles we're currently coveting:


The ultimate beeswax candles

Hand made in Sydney by Tony Assness. These 100 per cent beeswax candles are rendered in a butter beige Australian wax and a saffron coloured wax made by Manuka bees in New Zealand. We love the honeyed warmth of a beeswax candle burning - and these sculptural shapes have undeniable interiors appeal. You can find them online at BESS.


The artful candles

Created by Dutch designer Lex Pott. His candles' twisted forms are inspired but the liquid state of wax. You can find them at Jolie Laide. And if you want to add some colour to your space, you might enjoy his pillar candles.


The candle that smells like summer

A longtime favourite. Call us sentimental, but Maison Balsac's collaboration with Matteau, La Plage, is a candle we'll keep replacing. Each time we light it we're reminded of  deep blues. Find it at Matteau, Maison Balsac or My Chameleon.

For more ways to update your interiors, look no further.


Images via Instagram @jonathan.anderson; BESS; via Instagram @alivia.rose.photography and Matteau.