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A chaotic lesbian road trip comedy is on its way thanks to Ethan Coen, of all people

ethan coen lesbian comedy

This one's for the girlies who love girlies! The latest development in the land of lesbian films is doing away with all the pining and restrained affection, flinging off its girdle and hitting the road. Yes, dear pals, a lesbian road trip film is where we're headed, so strap yourselves in, it's going to be a chaotic ride.

In the driver's seat is Ethan Coen, of all people. He's broken away from his brother Joel (the other half of the beloved Coen Brothers) to bring to life a script he wrote in the early 2000s alongside his wife Tricia Cook. While we're convinced that the lesbians don't need another piece of culture written about them from the lens of a straight white man, given Coen's track record we're allowing ourselves to be hopeful. So if you read this Ethan, don't mess it up!

So what's planned for this so far untitled film, besides the fact that it's no longer called Drive-Away Dykes? According to The Hollywood Reporter, it's been billed as a "sex comedy" where a party girl drags her reserved friend from Philadelphia to Miami. On the road, the two cruise every bar they can and come across an unhinged lineup of obstacles that includes "a severed head in a hatbox, a bitter ex-girlfriend, a mystery briefcase and an evil senator". There's also whispers of a women's soccer team which would certainly complete the fantasy, if only be a touch on the nose.

Considering that the project has been in the pipeline for quite some time, distinctly naughties names like Chloë Sevigny, Christina Applegate, Holly Hunter and Selma Blair have all at various stages been attached to the film. But as it stands, no word of an official cast has been revealed. All we ask if for an appearance from King Princess. Meanwhile, production is set to begin this winter (or summer if you're in the US).

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