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Usher the scent of Santal 26 into your home with this new diffuser from Le Labo

Few scents have left a lasting impression of the same magnitude as Santal 33 by Le Labo. If we were to distil the last decade into an olfactory experience, one would simply slide a bottle of Santal 33 under the nose of anyone who dared to asked. For better or for worse, there is simply no mistaking that ubiquitous leathery blend of sandalwood, cedarwood, iris, cardamom and musk. The people love it, that's for sure. It's for this reason that it makes complete sense for a perfume with a cult following the size of Manhattan's population to be fashioned into a home fragrance. First came Santal 26 the candle, and now New York City's beloved parfumerie is treating us to it in diffuser form.

As we've come to expect from Le Labo, there is more to its diffuser than meets the eye. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, the Santal 26 diffuser is embedded with a sense of place. Le Labo has repurposed redwood from the water towers that jut out across New York City's iconic skyline and after years of withstanding the city's extreme weather conditions the wood has developed a rich patina — one that cannot be manufactured or imitated. So consider this item a tangible piece of New York City's history.

From Brooklyn, each diffuser is individually hand stamped before being fitted with a built-in nebuliser that breaks down the fragrance oil into a fine mist. This is preferred as it preserves the quality of the scent, without having to dilute it or expose it to heat.

If you're wondering how this new diffuser differs to past designs, this time around the device comes sans vintage lightbulb for a more streamlined look.

For the stragglers among us, the diffuser makes for a thoughtful Christmas gift for loved ones — that includes yourself. You can find it on the Le Labo website where it is priced at $530 AUD.

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