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Le Labo’s cult City Exclusive Collection will return this September

le labo city exclusive collection

There's nothing like an exclusive product to get heads turning. New York City-born parfumerie Le Labo knows this all too well. If you're a long-standing admirer of the label, you'll be aware of its cult City Exclusive Collection; a 16-piece range of perfumes crafted with a particular city in mind. The catch of course is, that these scents are strictly available only in the city they were made for. So if you wanted to replenish your stock of Gaiac 10, you would need to catch a flight to Tokyo. What? Desperate times call for desperate measures.

However, the good news is that once a year, for one month only, Le Labo lets these perfumes wander beyond their birthplace into loving arms across the globe. It's how I came across Mousse de Chene 30, an earthy homage to the city of Amsterdam. And how many others found themselves in a long-distance relationship with their favourite fragrance.

So if you're running dangerously low on Vanille 44, a complex and heady tribute to the City of Love, and are in need of a refill or simply wish to try the Dubai exclusive Cuir 28, then you'll soon have your chance.

As always, to take full advantage of the limited release, all you need to do is step inside your local Le Labo flagship, whether that's at Bondi Beach, Fitzroy or the soon to be announced Potts Point location, or order online during the month of September to purchase full-size fragrances or receive your long-awaited refill. There is also another option. Throughout both August and September you can also explore the collection, albeit it in miniature size, by purchasing a discovery set at Le Labo boutiques or online.

All in all, the Le Labo City Exclusive Collection will be open in varying degrees from August 1 until September 30. For more details head over to the Le Labo website.

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