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Larry David is giving us fed-up grandad energy at NYFW, but why was he there in the first place?

As New York Fashion Week wrapped up yesterday, it seemed like no one was more grateful to see the tail end of it than Larry David. Saddled in the front row of Staud's show, with a seat next to Jared Leto no less (!) it was all too much for our comedy king; as he leaned forward, ignoring the models and plugged his ears, willing for the whole damn spectacle to end!

At least that's what we got from it. Larry David was giving fed-up grandad energy or in turn, tween at the family dinner and it was a whole mood. Of course, it didn't take long for other attendees to notice. Like any good journalist, Emilia Petrarca a fashion writer at The Cut, immediately filmed the whole scene and as you know, it went viral.


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Of course, people on the internet had questions. Like, why was Larry even there? Who thought it was good idea to bring a 74-year-old sceptic to a noisy fashion event at 7pm? Was this a publicity stunt for the forthcoming season of Curb Your Enthusiasm? Well as it turns out Larry is a friend of Staud designer and founder Sarah Staudinger.

Like the rest of us, Staudinger cackled when she first saw the video. Which is all very well, because if it was my show I would probably cry. Staudinger explained to The Cut, “He definitely isn’t a usual at New York Fashion Week, but who wouldn’t want Larry in the front row?” She makes a good point. After all, it's really the Larry Davids of the world that you want to impress.

 “I am so grateful and appreciative that he came and for his support. I hope he liked the collection! But I think our New Balance sneakers are more his speed," Staudinger continued.

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