How to customise foundation for your best-ever skin

How to customise foundation for your best-ever skin

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For the longest time, foundation formulas have sat in one of two distinct camps: long-wearing and matte, or radiant and lightweight.

But we're living in a time of innovation, where they can now tick every box. Lancôme Teint Idole is a prime example. The Ultra Wear formula is an icon among makeup. With 24 hours of wear, buildable full coverage and a perfect matte finish, it's one of those products you can just rely on.

But makeup isn't one size fits all. Skin types and trends all play a part. Some days we want bulletproof coverage, and others we want glow. This is why the Teint Idole range now includes Care & Glow, a luminous counterpart with all the longevity, but a dewier finish. It's also a great case study in how to customise your foundation for your best-looking skin, no matter where you're going, or what you're doing.

Together with Nat and Jamie, I have all the tips and product recommendations you could ever need for flawless matte skin, radiant glowing skin and everything in between.


Choosing a shade


For a believable base, it's essential to find the right depth and undertone for your complexion. Fortunately, Lancôme make this process easy. Teinte Idole Ultra Wear comes in an impressive 45 shades, while Care & Glow comes in 30, both with varying undertones, ranging from cool all the way through to neutral and warm.

You can either visit a Lancôme counter for a match in-person, or use the E-Shade finder via their website. The AI-powered quiz that takes images of your face in order to determine the perfect shade, all without leaving the house. It's easy to follow but incredibly accurate, too.

Customising your base



Foundation used to be matte or glowy with no in between. Nowadays, we have the luxury of choice, and it's entirely possible to customise your base to achieve a desired finish.

But let's start with prep: moisture is essential, not just from a skin health perspective, but also to ensure a smooth canvas. A lightweight serum like Advanced Génifique will plump fine lines without excess shine. It also contains pre- and probiotic fractions for a healthy microbiome, and hyaluronic acid to pull water into the skin. Be sure to follow up with a moisturiser; a light gel is great for normal to oily skin, whereas a thick cream will nourish and soothe. Essentially the richer you go, the dewier the end result.

Now onto choosing a foundation. This decision-making process is entirely up to you. It might depend on your skin type, your schedule, or just a trend. You might have one holy grail, or pick and choose from a few select favourites. The latter was the thought process behind Teint Idole Care & Glow. The original Ultra Wear was already a cult classic. But why can't we have glow as well as coverage and longevity? Turns out, we can!

Care & Glow is infused with an 82% serum base (hello, hyaluronic acid and mandelic acid) and buildable pigment for a light-reflecting finish. It also boats 24 hours of wear, plus zero chance of fading or creasing. "Care & Glow is such a great formula," Nat shares. "I love a radiant finish that looks natural, but still evens out my complexion."

Teint Idole Ultra Wear is the long-wearing foundation we know and love. It has a thin consistency that's easy to blend, but still affords a 24 hour matte finish. It's also oil free, water-proof, sweat-proof and sits comfortably on the skin thanks to the inclusion of skincare-adjacent ingredients like hyaluronic acid and moringa oil.

"I love a matte finish, something that's going to look perfect all day," Jamie notes. "It's especially important if I'm shooting on set, attending work events, or when there's flash photography involved. But Ultra Wear is great, it's not too thick or heavy, but it gives me a beautiful polished finish"

You can make a call based on preference, or you can get creative and mix the two for a completely bespoke glow. My last tip – and this is useful for anyone with dry skin – is to add a drop of Advanced Génifique into your foundation for sheer luminosity.

Tips for application


How you apply your foundation is completely up to you. You might prefer to use your hands — I often do — a sponge or a makeup brush (perhaps even a combination).

I typically find fingers are useful as the warmth can help to diffuse product evenly into the skin, whereas a sponge ensures a really uniform, flawless base. When used damp, I also think they work to retain moisture in the skin. Brushes however are clean and easy. They absorb minimal product and are probably your best bet for makeup on the go. Lots of tiny bristles means the product is evenly buffed into the complexion as well, especially in tricky places like the eyes, nose and lip contour.

My preferred method, no matter the tool, is to start in the centre of my face and work outwards, concentrating the product where I need it most: usually my nose and the tops of my cheeks where I have pigmentation. Nat has a similar approach: "I like putting my foundation on with my fingers, really blending the product into my skin so that it doesn't sit on top. And I only ever apply it around the middle part of my face. I think it gives a more natural look that way."

If you want further coverage under the eyes or on breakouts, enlist a concealer. Lancôme's Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Serum Concealer is hydrating and crease-proof. It even doubles as a highlighter. For more serious coverage, reach for the Ultra Wear Concealer. It's densely pigmented and lasts forever without fading.

You could set with powder, but with such great base options I promise you won't want to.


Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation


Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear Care & Glow Foundation

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