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Jess Blanch experiences Sydney’s best-kept luxury skincare secret, La Mer’s indulgent Custom Skincare Facial

La Mer Custom Skincare Facial

In partnership with La Mer


There's no greater feeling than discovering a new skincare secret. Whether passed on and shared between your closest friends over long-overdue catch-ups, or whilst wandering through the aisles of your favourite beauty store – touching, feeling, experiencing and learning. It's these moments that inspire us to rethink our approach, products and even techniques, holding the power to transform our skincare regimes forever. Here at RUSSH, we prefer not to keep these secrets to ourselves; especially when they concern one of the biggest cult names in luxury beauty and can be discovered right here in Sydney.

Introducing the La Mer Custom Skincare Facial, the only key you need to transition from your winter beauty regime into embracing the magic of summer. As is historically the ethos behind the brand, the treatment is focussed on completely reinvigorating the skin. It marries a combination of iconic products and treatments we have grown to love and covet – like the Crème de La Mer and its unique Miracle Broth™ and healing properties – with seasonal favourites that will help you to welcome the change in weather with ease. Bidding farewell to the winter chill and just days before a flight to Paris for the much-anticipated Fashion Week, RUSSH Editor in Chief Jess Blanch took a moment to indulge in her own La Mer Custom Skincare Facial at Sydney's David Jones Elizabeth Street store.

"The days prior to my departure for Paris Fashion Week and the subsequent long haul flight have a distinct deadline energy to them, so carving out time for the La Mer experience was beyond a blessing," shares Blanch. "It was also very convenient that it took place in a private treatment room in the basement of David Jones, allowing me to pick up some pre-flight essentials while there."

The process from start to finish is as holistic and indulgent as you might imagine. As we know, La Mer is a brand rooted in expertise. Born out of tribulation and an eventual triumph of science the world had not yet seen, the luxury skincare maven has long been known for defying the standard; asking us to rethink the way we approach, apply and manage our skin. The La Mer Custom Skincare Facial is no exception, with a team of trained experts equipped with the knowledge to treat all skin types, at your disposal; allowing you to experience a treatment that is custom designed specifically for you and your skin concerns.

Upon stepping inside the treatment room – which alone, has the power to transport you to an otherworldly dimension – the experience is not only limited to skincare, but a sense of general rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul. The treatment begins with a calming welcome ritual and a needs assessment, conducted by one of La Mer's talented facialists. The order of business for this visit? Flight-resistant hydration, protection from the signs of ageing and a particular attention to accumulative sun damage.

"Upon meeting the La Mer facialist, we did a brief but thorough consultation at the new La Mer suite, which allowed me to sit down and address my skin concerns, ask questions about the products and set intentions for the experience ahead."

So, with 45 minutes set aside, what does a La Mer Custom Skincare Facial look like? Jess Blanch takes us through every indulgent moment.

Step one: Cleansing and exfoliating

Once inside the treatment room the mood was extremely calm and I felt extremely secure in the facialist's expertise. The treatment is very process driven and takes on a strong rhythm which allowed me to fully surrender and relax into the moment.To begin, my skin was lightly misted with the La Mer The Mist, to instantly refresh and awaken the skin. The subtle hint of Rose Water in the mist offering a wonderful sensory and olfactory moment that left me refreshed from the very beginning. Then, the stages of cleansing and exfoliating began. Applying a few small pumps to the fingertips, the milky emulsion of The Cleansing Lotion purifies and softens, while still leaving my skin deeply cleansed. Commencing my journey into deep rejuvenation, the luxurious surroundings and ocean like sounds set the tone for what was to come. Gentle swipes of The Cleansing Micellar Water instantly relaxed and cooled my skin – evoking a similar feeling to a fresh ocean dip – before the exfoliation began.


Moving onto The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator, the La Mer technique involves pressing the product into, and covering the skin, before gently moving the exfoliant round in small circles to refine, detoxify and replenish. I could practically feel the dullness and fine dry lines dissolving away – no doubt, La Mer's Miracle Broth™ at work.

Step two: Hydration

If you're searching for expert-approved beauty secrets you can implement at home, I absolutely recommended applying a hot towel to open up your pores in-between your skincare steps. One of the most relaxing elements of my treatment, it also helps your skin to absorb the power of your products more effectively. My expert facialist followed this by applying The Treatment Lotion, beginning at the base of my neck and working upwards to soothe and balance my complexion before the application of serums. A serum-strength facial essence that literally feels like liquid energy to the skin, the lotion is the key to jumpstarting the hydration process and optimising its ability to absorb the steps to follow.

Redefining how we think about hydration, my facialist explained that the cell-renewing Miracle Broth™ provides all-day healing hydration to replenish, strengthen and stabilise the skin; leaving behind an unmatched radiance, which I am definitely after. That's where the The Moisturizing Soft Cream was introduced, the perfect face cream for dry or combination skin. Or, for someone who is about to be on a flight for 24 hours. Unlike any moisturising experience I've had before, the massaging of the product into my skin was not only hydrating, but a relaxing release of stress and tension in the head, neck and shoulders. A much-needed moment to reconnect with my mind and body leading into the adrenaline of Paris Fashion Week.

The addition of The Eye Concentrate gave a silky, lifted firmness to my eye area, softening the look of dark circles, puffiness and fine lines with the help of light and soothing specialised La Mer facial tools that were used around my temples and eye sockets. Infused with triple the concentrated Miracle Broth™, it's no wonder I felt like I had just woken from a 12 hour deep sleep.

Step three: Masking

If you have ever heard of the term 'multi-masking', the La Mer Custom Skincare Facial takes this technique to a new level. In this case, the technique involved combining The Intensive Revitalizing Mask and The Neck & Decollete in the palm of the facialists' hand. Once the products hit my skin, I could instantly feel the plumping and hydrating properties of the balm with the reenergising nature of the mask at work – the signature La Mer glow was already brewing. A luxurious hand massage using The Hand Treatment served as a peaceful grounding moment during the treatment, and the perfect precursor to the main event.

The highly-coveted Crème de La Mer completes my custom facial with the ultimate lick of hydration – a magic dose of healing properties from the sea that I am more than grateful for after battling the Sydney winter chill. After all, it's no secret that nature holds the ultimate healing powers, and once Crème de La Mer settled into my skin, any feelings of sensitivity were instantly soothed.

Though this might seem like magic enough, the best way to activate Crème de La Mer is by incorporating its signature technique. It's a skill that makeup artist Filomena Natoli showed me during the RUSSH x La Mer beauty masterclass. "It's really important that you emulsify the cream, and by emulsify I mean you're rubbing it between your hands. The heat from your hands is what activates the Miracle Broth™ and that's what gives you that beautiful, luminous, glowing skin," shared Natoli.

The truth is, an envious glow is only the beginning of what a treatment at La Mer's Custom Skincare Facial experience can do for your skin. The after effect is the reason why I keep coming back to luxury treatments. Beyond the noticeable glow, my face felt alive and activated like I’d just emerged straight from a swim in the ocean.

I guess you could call that Paris ready.

Enjoy an indulgent 45 minute escape, plus 15 minute consultation with The Custom Skincare Facial – designed specifically by a La Mer aesthetician based on your skincare needs, and redeemable with product purchase of $550 or more. Head to the La Mer website to book your treatment.


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