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In conversation: Jess Blanch and Filomena Natoli on radiant skin and the secret of La Mer’s iconic moisturising cream

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All luxury brands start with a story. There's always a moment of illumination that triggers the journey to create something unique, intricate and completely innovative. Naturally, the foundations of La Mer are no different.

A brand born out of tribulation and an eventual triumph of science the world had not yet seen, the origin of La Mer's original Crème de la Mer is a tale quite unlike any other. Astrophysicist Dr Max Huber was working in his lab one day when he sustained chemical burns from an experiment gone wrong. From that moment he redirected his research to the science of skin and how it might be possible to repair even the most damaged skin. Through his research, La Mer was born.

Since that moment, La Mer is a brand that has been defying the standard, asking us to rethink the way we approach, apply and manage our skin.



Filomena Natoli has been a makeup artist for over 10 years, working across fashion week and luxury clients for some their biggest campaigns - and yet, she still remembers the moment she discovered her first tub of Crème de la Mer. She recounted the moment in conversation with Jess Blanch, Editor in Chief of RUSSH in an Instagram Live segment.

"I discovered it many years ago when a VIP client of mine insisted I prepare her skin with Crème de la Mer prior to makeup. Her skin was so healthy! Experiencing the Crème first hand and applying makeup over it to achieve a luminous result, I was sold," she tells.

But the first time she tried it for herself was after a chemical peel.



"My first personal experience was post facial peel. I guess being a makeup artist we tend to try many treatments and in this particular case my skin was not happy. I used Crème de la Mer and over the course of three days my skin calmed right down. Crisis averted!"

Jess Blanch explains she had a similar experience, using the Crème after a sunburn. "It really does feel like one of those rescue creams where you feel the benefits almost straight away."

What exactly is it that makes it so good? Filomena says "It has a lot to do with the Miracle Broth which is quite mysterious." The ingredient that powers all La Mer products is indeed The Miracle Broth, the concentrated repair formula created by Dr Max Huber to repair his burns.

The exact science and formulation is a close-held secret, but we do know that its made from nature; base of sea kelp harvested out of the clear waters off Vancouver Island. The kelp is then fermented, a process creates micronutrients that the skin can more readily absorb. It takes three to four months for this process to happen, and uses light and sound energy to enhance fermentation activity.

"I’ve never under estimated the power of nature. Particularly in skincare I think it’s common to assume chemicals are stronger than ingredients derived from nature but that is a myth," says Filomena. "Sea kelp has incredible self-regenerating powers."



Proving that nature is the source of the best skincare secrets. the result of La Mer's kelp fermentation is the luxurious, balm-textured Crème that is now found proudly in the beauty cabinets of tastemakers all around the world. "It has the ability to energise the skin yet sooth at the same time. It’s incredibly potent so you really to see and feel hydration. And a little goes a long way which unlike many moisturisers it really goes the distance," says Filomena.

"A little does go a long way. I guess that's why know the right application technique is so important," says Jess in our conversation with Filomena on Instagram live - which you can watch the highlights of below.



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It's true. La Mer's Crème de la Mer comes with its own special application technique in order to get the full benefits of the product.

Of course, Filomena uses this technique on her clients and is well-versed on its intricacies. "The technique is crucial. The ritual of emulsifying the Crème de la Mer in the hands is a beautiful way to take a moment to decompress. But it also allows the warmth of the hand to activate the special ingredients," she says.

"I won't give too much more away ahead of my masterclass. I'll show you how to do it for yourself."


You can tune in Thursday November 4 8pm AEDT on the RUSSH Instagram channel to experience Filomena Natoli's masterclass on applying Crème de la Mer like a professional.


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