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Kristen Stewart and her fiancé are writing a screenplay for a ‘stoner girl comedy’

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Kristen Stewart revealed in a recent interview with Bottoms and The Idol star Rachel Sennott, that she and her fiancé, screenwriter Dylan Meyer, are currently in the midst of penning what they call 'a stoner comedy', which Stewart described as “really fucking stupid.” And honestly, it's about time we realised how funny K Stew really is – a fact that's so often overlooked by way of her serious acting roles and demure press-tour demeanour.

The film will be the second scripted by Stewart, following hot on the heels of her directorial debut The Chronology of Water, a film based on the memoir by Lidia Yuknavitch (and we really mean HOT on the heels of, as The Chronology of Water is still in development).

In their candid conversation, Sennott and Stewart discussed the polarising concept of mixing business with pleasure – the creative rewards and pitfalls of working with loved ones – Sennott's soon-to-be-released queer fight club comedy Bottoms and breakout role in Shiva Baby both bringing her together with friend and director Emma Seligman.

“It’s so fun,” Sennott said of her personal and working relationship with Seligman. “We got rained out for two weeks, and were like, ‘Fuck. We’re not going to get the last scene.’ And then you’re like, ‘I’m glad I’m having this panic attack with you.’"


What is the film about?

It's still early days, so with not much yet revealed about the project, all we have to go on is Stewart's commentary that the film is a 'stoner girl comedy' that's 'really fucking stupid'. We'll keep you updated as we hear more.


When will it be released?

Stewart has a pretty full plate at the moment, what with her directorial debut next up to bat. We expect it might be a while yet till we get to watch this one.


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