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Kristen Stewart has teased a new TV project with fiancé Dylan Meyer, and it sounds major

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is definitely the woman of the moment and we couldn't be more thrilled about it. With a newly minted Oscar nomination under her belt and a bourgeoning acting career going from strength to strength, Stewart is well and truly on the up. Now it seems she can add fianceé co-collaborator to the mix, with a new project alongside her partner Dylan Meyer in the works. In a cover story for Vanity Fair, the actress announced plans of an upcoming TV project between the two. And knowing what we do about Kristen and her enigmatic screen presence, we have no doubt this will be something to keep a close watch on. Below, we're sharing everything we know about the project so far.



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What is the new TV project about?

With not much yet revealed about the project, Stewart has touched on establishing the concept and working in unison with Meyer. Talking in detail about the concern she initially had about it causing strain to their relationship, she shared in the interview “You don’t want that  [working together] to affect this beautiful relationship you have." Before adding that thankfully, their professional dynamic ended up working well: with them completing the first episode in just a week and a half.

Who's involved in the TV project ?

Again, not much has been given away just yet in this regard, but the actress did confirm that she will be stepping on board to act, while Meyer will be taking the lead with writing the script. With production still largely under wraps, it looks to get underway within the next few months. The actress went on to discuss her pending nuptials to Meyer, expressing her excitement and that the plans are still very much underway.

Where can we see more from Kristen Stewart?

While we wait in anticipation at this latest development, you can catch Kristen Stewart's Oscar-nominated performance in Spencer streaming now on Amazon Prime.


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