Know thy self: diagnose and treat your skin with Rationale

Information is key. Reading endless reviews of beauty products online is one of our favourite past times but there is nothing like truly knowing your skin. The damage, the patterns, the best ways to treat it and prevent it breakouts. Here, Fashion & Beauty Director Billie Iveson tests the EpiNova treatment from Rationale.

A growing number of vocal advocates for Rationale piqued my interest enough to go and have a skin consultation and DNArray genetic test. With their Essential 6 program promising glowing skin, I had high hopes.

After an in-depth questionnaire which touches on your parent’s skin, your current regimen and skin concerns, my consultant took UV Diagnostic images as well as a DNA swab.

After all the talking it was a delight to have a treatment, with a double cleanse and serums. This was also part of the consultation to see how my skin reacted to certain products. I walked away with 4 of the 6 steps prescribed to use over the next two weeks. I dutifully did my homework – eliminating other products.

I went back two weeks later to discuss my results from the DNA and UV imaging and get my full prescription. I got so much knowledge in the 60-minute timeframe – about how my skin reacts to UV rays, how it shows up inflammation and pigmentation. I was then prescribed the other steps and have been using them ever since.

As my facialist Emily said – 80 per cent of the work you do at home and the treatments are the remaining 20 per cent. I had an EpiNova treatment which combines light treatment and a tailored facial that really leaves you with hydrated skin.

All in all the products have resulted in glowing skin – so much so that people comment weekly on it. My favourite products from the range are the Immunologist mask and the DNA night cream, and I will be restocking the Essential six products soon.