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The ‘RUSSH’ podcast has returned – and ‘Sonic Youth’ icon Kim Gordon is our first guest

kim gordon on stage at glastonbury festival 1998

In celebration of our 20th year anniversary, RUSSH is proud to announce the launch of our latest series of podcasts, Conversations with Creative Minds. Creativity is at the centre of everything we do, from creating high art to making a simple dinner for loved ones, so we wish to share insights on this raison d’etre with our creative community. Creativity is an electrifying impulse that makes itself manifest in any way it can, it is subjective from person to person, only being unified in experience by the shared mourning when we lose touch with it. As Henri Mattisse said, "creativity takes courage", so whilst it is in all that we do, we will be speaking to the most brave minds and the wildest of hearts.

The series will speak to artists across all mediums and explore their drive to make, think, do and be. We hope these conversations inspire our listeners to go out and make the things they want to see in the world, or at the very least, we hope they inspire meaningful and engaging conversations.

We are delighted to announce Kim Gordon as our first guest for the series. Gordon is practically the creative act incarnate working across all mediums since the late 1970s. Although she might be best known as the bassist and vocalist in Sonic Youth, she is an established visual artist, actor, director, producer and now solo musician. We had the great pleasure of speaking to her ahead of the release of her second solo record, The Collective, which is out today. You can listen to our Music Editor, Alys Hale, try her hardest not to fangirl out and retain her cool with the feminist icon that has been soundtracking key moments in our creative lives for many years.

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Feature image: Kim Gordon, Glastonbury Festival, 1998, PHOTOGRAPHY Edd Westmacott, ALAMY STOCK PHOTO.