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Kim Gordon can now add Editor to her résumé

kim gordon

Some people are lucky to have one talent, if any at all. Then there a those like Kim Gordon. Between the days of Sonic Youth and X-girl, her ongoing art series Noise Painting and a brief stint on Girls, the artist is well-endowed in the creative department. This thesis remains air-tight as we learn Gordon has recently collaborated with fellow Angeleno, Lisa Love on the 15th issue of Humanity – a magazine from luxury LA denim brand Citizens of Humanity.

Gordon and Love share mutual territory; they're neighbours and gym buddies, and dog walking pals too, and for this issue they split the title of guest editor. For the issue, both were given full creative license to do whatever they fancied. This manifested into a limited run journal, divided equally to reflect the artful tastes and proclivities of each author. As such, it's more loose leaflets, less magazine. One stack is plastered in original photography with complementary poems as desired by Lisa Love.

Kim Gordon's own segment arrives with her signature inky font, arranging words in a similar manner to the aforementioned Noise Paintings. A brief glimpse into the periodical illustrates how Love and Gordon's contributions go hand-in-hand; a vase of red roses is bolstered by the text "flowers", and the reflective surface of an green-tiled pool corresponds to the phrase "greener than grass" that accompanies it.

Speaking on the project, Gordon says, "I suppose at the root it’s about our friendship and juxtaposition. We also just didn’t want to make a conventional magazine," she explains. "So we decided to make a box of words and photo prints on separate pieces of paper, so people can rearrange them however they want. Maybe they can guess it right or not."

It's kind of a dream opportunity to do alongside a friend, and under Love's Instagram post announcing the issue, Gordon commented, "So fun to do this with you".

You can purchase the limited edition release, guest edited by Kim Gordon and Lisa Love at the Citizens of Humanity website.


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Image: Instagram